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    Welcome one and all to Fanfic Stories, here you can read,fanfic stories made by other's based on a variety of different subjects, mainly Anime, but there's more. To send in yours, simply e-mail me or Omega with your file, and where it should go, and, (if allowed)will be put into the page as a fanfic.

    July 18th, 2000:Ok, got another story up. And my friend, Squall, tells me that everyone is sending him their stories. I haven't mentioned this yet, but it seems that Squall here doesn't really want to do the page anymore. I won't take him name off the e-mail at the side, but everyone, when you send a story, pass it on over to me ok? Thanks, and have a nice day.

    July 7th, 2000:Sheesh! Look how long its been since we've updated? You want to know why? Cause we've been to, LAZY. Thats right, its our fault, not yours, or yours, or even, YOURS! So, now that I'm going to start up the site again, I need someone to send in fanfics. Now, if I don't get any fanfics, then I will be upset, cause that time, it won't be my fault, and it *will* be YOUR fault. :-) So, until next time, have a nice day!

    February 13th, 2000:Howdy y'all again, sorry about the lack of updates, and message board not working. Godd news though, I have chapter two of my story up! Until next update...

    March 27th,2000:I must pay a deep apology to Dalita, for she sent me a sort quite a while ago, I have just been too damn busy (and side tracked) to put it up. So finnaly, today, it is UP!! Again, my deepest sorries to Dalita and I hope she forgives me. So to her and all the others, please send us your stories and Have a nice Day!!

    March 20th,2000:Hello again all readers of fanfics. We haven't updated much for a loooong time because we have not recieved many new Fanfics. Dalita did send in a new on, but I have not had the chance to post it up yet. I will however have it up later today or tommorow.....ohya, Have a nice Day!!

    February 27,2000:Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, Fanfic Stories proudly brings to you, its new fanfic writers of the WORLD!!! Gumdrop_Gal, Delita, the new fanfic writers! (Crowd Cheers!)...Sorry people, but I've always wanted to do that, and it got across the message basically. Yes, we have two new writers, and they have both started two new epics. One in the Anime section, based on DBZ of course, and the other is in the RPG section and is based on the classic of Final Fantasy III. I hope you enjoy them, and as always, Have a nice day!

    February 23,2000:Hello Famous Fanficaneers (pardon the stupid language). No real updates, it just that I felt the need to tell all of you that I was still here. I was gone for abot ten or so days, and just got back this weekend. One small update actually, is that I am workig on a new story, it is gonna be a sorta "Choose your Own Adventure" type story, where you can choose (as certain intervals) which direction you want the story to go. It take a little while to complete, and if you have any suggestions just click on my icon down there. Thanks! AND WELL, Have a nice day!

    February 13th, 2000:Howdy y'all again, Got a hella cool new message board, I hope, please use. If there are any problems, please tell me. Until next update...

    February 12th, 2000:Howdy y'all again. I know there hasn't been much updates, but there wasn't anything to update. Now there is, Jen, a writer has let us put up the fanfic series, "Rufus' Twin" which is the best fanfic that I have read to date. It is up in the RPG section, so please read it, you'll thank me after your done reading it. And there is a new poll up. PLEASE use it! Until next update...

    February 3,2000: Hello once again fellow RPGaholics! I have just finished my first humorous piece. It is also a Deathmatch (like Squall's) but "alot" longer (35 pages longer actually). Squall, my friends, and I, all find it very funny, and (with out sounding like some old guy) hope you find it as well. Well until the Fanfic Stories needs another update, have a nice day!