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lyrics by Zach Giles
music by Ian Nelligan, Alex Rosen, and Luke Jackson
Your pushing me beyond me,
I cannot be what you want me to be,
In a perfect world everything would be fine,
This isn't it I'm losing my mind.

Utopia so hard to find,
A deep lost place in my mind,
Something everyone searches for,
But no one ever seems to find the door.
The smaller things draw on the big,
And all I've got is my pen,
Now the dark sky opens up
And I can see your face again.



by Alex Rosen
That was it...
Now it's over and I'm gone
Left alone to write this psalm
Today's been the best and the worst
lived just long enough to realize that love hurts.
I've seen it through
and by and by,
I love you all...
So, It's all a game.
it's not win or lose, but who plays.
Walked side by side and ever since,
I've been happier than i've ever been
And i realized 
that my eyes
had never cried
tears of longing and of regret
but all the same, i'll never forget, you all.
And you understand 
the very essence of who i am
and why i'll always be 
merely me.
I look back and realize
that all I'm really doing is looking forward
to seeing you again.
Way to be.
Way to see me for who I am
So here's looking at you 
and since i can,
this one's for you.



by Ian Nelligan
Stop the spin,
the reeling world.
as time flys by,
stop the spin...

Take one look, are you content,

You can't fight the race toward betterment.

You sit wondering why you hear no more,

Stop and check reality...look into the core.

Reach for the everlasting peace, 
behind the superficial bliss
we feel living a lie.

I have to touch eternity,
before i depart for my place in the sky.

how long you ask, as you are swallowed whole,

to reach meaning, you should have stopped the spin.


(I know the following is not song lyrics but I needed something on this page)

a beautiful world

by Zach Giles
sitting here contemplating life, flooded thoughts fill my angered mind as I realize the truth of it all, the meaning of life in a box that we sometimes call freedom. there are those that are worse than us but how often do we sit down and find our own faults in existence? as we sit and fall in the proverbial pile of shit that sits on the heads of the lower class a cloud is lifted from our eyes and everything comes into focus as a cacophony of battered souls and neutered dogs that try to hump legs of unsuspecting people and couches to no avail. the perfect source of happiness today is a false sense of security found in the eyes of liars that seem to tell the truth and suicide booths that steal all valid thought away as it cleanses your soul and makes you fit to live in society. this happiness, found by some to be enjoyable only because they are tricked into thinking it that way, is only an illusion on our broken inner souls that focuses strictly on the superficial and pompous aspects of civilization. how many people have you met lately that actually believe personality matters more than looks. we all make ourselves think that we value a kindred spirit when all we really care about is whether theyíre garbed in the right clothing or doused in the right perfume. is our current sociological state such a pathetic immoral cesspool of narrow mindedness and blond models that flaunt themselves to make absolutely appalling amounts of money? no one cares about anyone else any more. an individualistic ideal is taken to absurd levels of alter egos and self centered fools. these are the people that run our country in a fascist oligarchy that they consider to be a perfect democracy while political machines influence the vote of the people to do what they want to do, twist the country into a pile of scrap metal that cannot be salvaged to make a car, much less a functioning system of parts that works to move forward. a democracy of and for the people. the people who canít see farther than the tips of their noses or deeper than the color of anotherís skin. do you trust the people who you are surrounded by? or do you see their flighty empty heads that are filled with happy thoughts and cute hearts and puppies that make you cry. the perfect existence is not that of transcendentalism and spirituality, itís that of ignorance and not knowing about oneís surroundings, a view that many seem to face and except with little or no struggle at all. if ignorance is bliss then why donít we have a huge banquet with grandiose ice sculptures and penguins that walk around with sticks up their asses attached to the hands of those who give them extravagant amounts of money to waste and blow on prostitutes and alcohol behind their wives backs. a banquet to celebrate that absolute falsehood of an existence that lives and cares for no one but itself. we could have all the delicacies of the western world. squid and lamb intestines and fish eyes and cows udders. along with those why donít we partake upon our own domestic delicacies such as hot dogs and hamburgers and buffalo and pickled pigs feet and sour cream and salsa pork rinds. while weíre at it, how about we take the rest of the planet under our wing and protect them from all existent evils, or that which we see as evil. weíll be the superhero crack whore fucknuggets that come to the rescue and instill our perfect code of morals aforementioned upon all those who will accept them. and those who oppose will be sent to the suicide booths along with all the impotent aging denizens who inhabit this smelling atomic trashcan that we hold so close to our hearts and compassionately call Earth. itís a beautiful world, donít you think?