News: 7/30/99

We will not be changing our name after all because the band has disbanded. Thanks to everyone who supported us and look for future projects from the band members. -Zach

Welcome, somehow you have arrived at the official SUBMERGE web page. Now that you're here you're probably wondering, "What the hell is SUBMERGE?" We are a band based in Winston-Salem NC and we are a blend of punk, hardcore, rock, rap and almost anything else you can think of except polka. SUBMERGE is:

Zach Giles - guitar, vocals
Ian Nelligan - guitar, vocals
Alex Rosen - guitar
Luke Jackson - drums

We appreciate you taking the time to check us out. We have a couple mp3's on the sounds page and other stuff about us for you to check out. We still don't have any pictures but we're working on getting some so check back. Also we would really like to know who you are so sign our guestbook, and to recieve special info about upcoming events and site updates sign up for our newsletter. -Zach


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Web page by Zach Giles
All art on this page except "Subway Logo" by Zach Giles (1999)
All art on stuff page by Sean Stevens (1999) except "Surprise," by Zach

Zach Giles
Ian Nelligan
Alex Rosen
Luke Jackson