The time has come. A bio for our band has finally been written and now all you fanatics out there can know the whole truth about this little organization we so dearly call, Submerge. -Zach

Zach Giles and Ian Nelligan, rising from the ashes of the ill-fated punks Avert, now bring a new sound to the Clemmons, NC scene in the relatively new band, Submerge. Submerge has something for everyone, combining elements of alternative, rap, punk, and hardcore into one pleasing package. Don't expect to hear the exact same thing every show, however, as their sound is constantly evolving and moving on to bigger and better things. They've played several shows in their six-month existance, including the Clemmons Y and the West Forsyth High School Talent show, where they rocked out, despite the lack of guitarist/lead singer Ian Nelligan. Although Nelligan has been present at all their other shows, a regular bassist hasn't. After their previous band, Avert, went their seperate ways last summer, Zach and Ian added guitarist Alex Rosen and drummer Luke Jackson to form Submerge. Since the older members of the band are currently juniors, Submerge should be able to postpone their inevitable fate as a high school band for at least one more year. Look for flyers for Submerge along with other great bands around your school and remember to support your local scene!


Thanks to Sean Stevens for the bio. Edited by Zach Giles 1