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This page has been created to provide samples of live and rare Bob Dylan Real Audio in an attempt to foster a more "complete" understanding of my favorite artist.  It is my thought that in order to really appreciate Bob Dylan you must take a look past his albums.  This page hopes to accomplish that.  This page WILL NOT post anything that has been released by Columbia records or Bob Dylan (in any of his aliases).  Nor do I in any way agree with or support people pirating commercially available music.  It takes money away from the rightful owner and the person we are trying to help.  As Backstreet Bar says the best, "Making samples of unusual (and commercially unavailable) material only stimulates sales for the artists in question. I hope these files will convince you that you should go and buy all the albums Bob has put out, especially the live ones."  I like to post music from his different time periods to document  Bob's creative development; however, I am prejudiced to his recent tours and cover music.  I find it very interesting how Bob has rearranged his "old" songs and I find his recent choice of traditional and obscure folk, blues, and country songs brilliant.  Lastly, I HAVE NEVER and WILL NEVER purchase a bootleg cd, I have compiled a collection through the kindness of others.  This collection is for my own amusement and because I think I have way too much time on my hands (and oh yeah I find Bob Dylan's music inspiring, noteworthy,  and brilliantly witty).  Thanks for all the great music, Bob!  Enjoy the music and share it with others!

AND THE MUSIC.... (Final Update 06/20/01) - ALWAYS RELOAD for the most current page.

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It is with deep regret and sadness that I announce the end of Mrs. Actually's Beauty Parlor.  I have been too busy lately with my tree site,, to give this site its proper attention.  So instead of give out periodic updates, I have decided to close down shop.  I may, however; in the future re-open this site on a better server (only time will tell).  But as for now, I am turning my attention from encoded audio to cdr trees.  So, if you haven't been there, check out and pick up some dylan shows.  I would like to send out a sincere thanks to everyone one has helped with this site over the year or so it was open.  It was a great time and I enjoyed posting all the music.

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p.s. For everyone who has wondered where in the world I came up with the name Mrs. Actually's Beauty Parlor, check out Bob's book of poems, Tarantula, pages 115-122 titled "The Vandals Took the Handles" (page 119 in particular).

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