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Here you will finddownloadable Aerosmith music video clips. Each are about 30 secondslong and 2 MB. They require the latest version of Quicktime to view. All clips were created by me and are exclusive to this page. Special thanks to my father for letting me host the files on his server. Also here you will find my list of Aerosmith bootlegs (mainly videos) for those ofyou who trade.

Last Update: 12/24/99 - Check out the cool new video clips I've added! No Surpize and Chip Away! -


Video: Sweet Emotion

Director: ?

Album: Toys in the Attic, 1975

Notes: This video was shot to promote "Toys in the Attic" album and their tour. Features a simple stage preformance

Video: No Surprize

Director: Arnold Levine

Album: Night in the Ruts, 1979

Notes: This video was probably shot on the same day as the Chiquita video. It was aired on several early music video networks other then MTV. This video is extremely rare.

Video: Lightning Strikes

Director: Arnold Levine

Album: Rock in a Hard Place, 1982

Notes: Features only 3 original members. Aerosmith acts as a New York Street gang. Shot on a movie lot in LA

Video: Let the Music Do the Talking

Director: Jerry Kramer

Album: Done With Mirrors, 1986

Notes: First video to feature all original members. Basicially a live video, in which a kid sneeks a camera into a show and almost gets caught.

Video: Walk this Way (Run DMC Remix)

Director: ?

Album: Raisin Hell (Run DMC), 1986

Notes: This was one of the first Rap-Rock combinations. The video features features Aerosmith and Run DMC preforming together and seprratly

Video: Chip Away the Stone

Director: Marty Callner (?)

Album: Gems, 1988

Notes: This video features clips from Texxas Jam '78, Cali Jam '78 and other proformances from the time mixed together with "effects" to promote the Gems album in 1988

Video: Dream On 1991

Director: ?

Album: From MTVs Tenth Anniversary

Notes: Orchestral version of Dream On taken from MTVs Tenth Anniversary special. Shot at Wang Center in Boston. This clip has so audio.

Video: Sweet Emotion - 1991 Remix

Director: Marty Callner

Album: Pandora's Box, 1991

Notes: Video for the 1991 remix of the 1975 Sweet Emotion. Features the band hanging out in their old apartment.

Video: Blind Man

Director: Marty Callner

Album: Big Ones, 1994

Notes: Humorous video featuring tour footage as well a breif cameo from Pamela Anderson at the end.

Video: Walk On Water

Director: ?

Album: Big Ones, 1994

Notes: About a womans "wet dream" about Aerosmith, with a mix of old and new video footage.

Video: Falling in Love (Is Hard on the Knees)

Director: Micheal Bay

Album: Nine Lives, 1997

Notes: First video off of Nine Lives. Directed by movie director Micheal Bay. Shot at an abandoned newspaper factory.

Video: Hole in My Soul

Director: Andy Morahan

Album: Nine Lives, 1997

Notes: Directed by Guns N' Roses director Andy Morahan features a movie like plot. Originally the video was to be directed by Mary Callner

Video: Pink

Director: Doug Nichol

Album: Nine Lives, 1997

Notes: Third video from Nine Lives, and last to be released in the US. Features lots of use of morphing technology

Video: I Dont Wanna Miss a Thing

Director: ?

Album: Armageddon Soundtrack, 1998

Notes: From movie soundtrack Armageddon. Features Aerosmith preforming at mission control and movie clips

Video: Full Circle

Director: ?

Album: Nine Lives, 1998 (Japan and Europe only)

Notes: Video not released in the US. Features studio shots, live and backstage clips.

Download these Mp3 Files:

Dream On '91 - full orchestralpreformance from MTVs 10th Anniversary

Walk this Way - Run DMC 1986remix featuring Steven and Joe

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