We are sisters who want to share our creativeness in Paint Shop Pro by providing you with backgrounds and sets. You may use anything you'd like, we only ask that you do not take our "Sisters" borders and logo. We have created them for our pages and feel we have more than enough to share with our other sets.

We are constantly creating so our sets change daily. We ask that you bookmark us and check back often. You do not have to provide a link back to us if you use one of our sets, but it would be nice. Also, drop us a line so we can come and see your page if you do use something of ours.

There are many great sites on the Web where we have found some of the graphics we have used to create different sets. Please visit our Credits page for a list of the places we think are really great. If you see something on our pages and we do not have your site in the list, send an e-mail to either of us and we will remedy that.

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