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All of the background sets on this site have been done by me. If you decide to use one or more of the sets on your own site, please link back to me using either my banner, the logo button in each set, or a text link. It doesn't matter if the link is on the same page as the graphic or on a different page. I also don't care if you use buttons or bars from a set with other graphics, but please still include a link back to me on one of your pages.

You are also welcome to resize graphics to meet your own needs. If you need help with this feel free to drop me an email. I'll have detailed instructions available soon. Remember to save everything to your own hard drive. If you have questions, please feel free to email me.

If you choose to some of my graphics, it would be great if you could please contact me either by signing my guestbook or by sending email. I will link place a link to your site.

Update: October 29, 2002

I've taken a long break from working on this page. It's probably been at least three years since I've touched this page. I gave up working on it to go back to school and get a teaching credential. There just wasn't time for everything, so my internet playtime is what I chose to give up. Anyhow, now I am getting a new computer, and I must post the graphics I have stored on it or lose them for good. Some of these graphics are not complete sets, as I never completed working on them before going back to school. The "Tiles" section is very small, because I had just learned how to make tiles before giving up on making graphics. Now, it's been so long that if I ever want to make more tiles, I'll have to relearn how!

Incomplete Sets

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