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Craig is a visual artist from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He spends his time equally between Calgary and Fernie BC. His art is a biographical exploration of his life and thought. His work ranges in style from the realistic to the expressionistic. His palette ranges from the somber earth tones of the classical world to the bright super chromatic of the pop and postmodern era. His work has both an adult sensibility and a childlike curiosity and playfulness. He considers himself to be a figurative artist. People and relationships are his favorite subject matter. His work encompasses the psychological relationships of coexistence, between differing people, people and objects, objects and other objects. He doesn't believe in imposing rhetoric and the spoken word upon his art and thinks it should be experienced as a kind of visual poetry.

This site contains six galleries of examples of work completed over a period of the past fifteen years. Unfortunately the work is not in any chronological order. It has just been grouped according to medium and subject matter.
Although there is absolutely no pornography on this site, it does depict the human figure in semi erotic poses and full nudity. If you are offended by nudity, please do not view the nude gallery.

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Fine Art Paintings, oils, acrylic, mixed medium
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Fine Art Portraits, self portraits, women, men girls
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fine art figure drawings,  nudes, model, pencil, pastel, chalk

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Craig Robertson Calgary Artist, artist from calgary. Craig robertson online art gallery is an online artistic resource of his fine Art. He is a calgary artist from alberta canada. He is a canadian artist. Its a profile of his art and artstyles it encompasses realistic realism expressionistic expressionism modernistic modernism and contemporary works The art is figurative and in many mediums oil painting mixed medium paintings and drawings graphite drawings ink drawings pastel drawings chalk drawings pen and ink works There is also a gallery of nudes which includes figure drawings and figure paintings as well as model drawings and paintings There is also a gallery of portraits in the portraiture gallery by this calgary artist. In here you will find portraits drawn and painted in many styles and mediums There is also a digital art section including figurative work and manipulated images Craig Robertson works in Calgary Alberta Canada as an artist You can send an electronic postcard (e-card) of his painting and drawing and digital art and photography This is an artistic website of fine art painting and drawing if you are offended by fine art nudes then please don't view the nude gallery of art. paintings of women, girls, men, nudes, landscapes, relationships. famous canadian artist. famous in calgary. contemporary canadian painter, artist. Calgary artist. Canadian artist. Fine art greeting cards. Craig Robertson was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada in 1961. At the age of six he moved to Australia and lived in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. He returned to Calgary at the age of sixteen. He has traveled extensively throughout the world and considers this his greatest education. He attended the Alberta College of Art and Design and graduated in 1985. Since then he has been living the life of a calgary artist and has dabbled in Jewelry design, stage/prop design, graphic design, architectural and interior design, web design, music and poetry. His interests are varied and eclectic. His work is of an autobiographical nature. His work is his his biography. Calgary art. Craig Robertson On-line-Kunst-Galerie. On-line-kunstgalerie der ursprŸnglichen zeitgens��ssischen Anstriche, der Zeichnungen, der Nudes, der Portraits, der digitalen kunst, der Fotographie und der feinen kunst Ekarten von diesem SichtkŸnstler von Calgary, Alberta, Kanada. Stellen Sie Zeichnungen, Abbildung Anstriche der FraumS��dchenmS��nner dar. Feine kunstgalerie der kŸnstlerischen kunst. Peintures originales en ligne de galerie d'art de Craig Robertson, schZ��mas, art numZ��rique et photographie. Galerie d'art en ligne des peintures contemporaines originales, des schZ��mas, de la nuditZ��, des portraits, de l'art numZ��rique, de la photographie et des e-cartes fines d'art de cet artiste visuel de Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Figure les schZ��mas et figurez les peintures du et des filles de femmes des hommes. Pitture originali in linea della galleria di arte di Craig Robertson, illustrazioni, arte digitale e fotographia. Galleria di arte in linea delle pitture contemporanee originali, delle illustrazioni, dei nudes, dei portraits, dell'arte digitale, della fotographia e delle e-schede fini di arte da questo artista visivo da Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Calcoli le illustrazioni e calcoli le pitture delle ragazze e degli uomini delle donne. Pinturas originales en l���nea de la galer���a de arte de Craig Robertson, dibujos, arte digital y fotograf���a. Galer���a de arte en l���nea de pinturas contempor���neas originales, de dibujos, de nudes, de retratos, del arte digital, de la fotograf���a y de e-tarjetas finas del arte de este artista visual de Calgary, Alberta, Canad���. Calcule los dibujos y calcule las pinturas de las muchachas y de los hombres de las mujeres. Pinturas originais em linha da galeria de arte de Craig Robertson, desenhos, arte digital e fotografia. Galeria de arte em linha de pinturas contemporary originais, de desenhos, de nudes, de retratos, da arte digital, da fotografia e de e-cart���es finos da arte deste artista visual de Calgary, Alberta, Canad���. Figure desenhos e figure pinturas de meninas e de homens das mulheres.