Hello, this is Callisto here. The green nymph chick is Caryatid, my partner in crime. We teamed up our places to make it twice as bad... but in a good way. Most of the stuff here is Caryatid's, because my Tartraus caved in and I have to start from scratch, almost. Some stuff was salvaged, but not too much. Oh well, better luck this time!

Anyways, this site will slowely be updated, until I get My super computer, in about a month. I will be able to then make everything the way it should be and it will be home sweet home again, if it ever was.

Ok, I am not putting any restrictions on what is placed on this site, so this place is not censored and may not be child freindly. However, if you are a regular Hades fan, then no need to worry! Just enter at your own risk!