Anime Junction

Hello all and welcome to the Anime Junction. Yes, I know it's not a very good title but I'm afraid it'll have to do. Here you will find a couple different places to go and spend your time just browsing and checking a few things out. Actually you'll be doing both 'cause they're kinda the same thing.
Anywho, there won't be a lot up fo a while I'm afraid 'cause I'm really bad with HTML and pacing myself and I'm constantly hoping to get into new anime and put them up as well.

I suppose you wanna know what this place is about, huh? Well first off it's about anime, obviuosly. Second off it is also about fan made stuff, namely my fanfiction and fan art. But be noted there WILL be other stuff from my friends and great writers/artists and not just me (not that I'm great or anything... well, it's for you to decide).
Be forewarned though, there will be things labeled yaoi/yuri or shonen ai/shoujo ai and for those Japanese illiterate that means homosexuality. That does NOT mean that everything is and that I'll leave you to find out which ones are for yourself. I'll be sure to put up a good, clear warning so no worries there.

Oh, before I leave you to wander around you might wanna watch yer toes, this place is still under heavy construction and stuff so... just look out for the rotting steps over there on your way to the links.

Updates: 10/12/00

VERY IMPORTANT! Because I am running out of room on here, I've taken off every fic and most pics. So if you want something and it leads to a broken link, please ask me to send it to you. Also, on a brighter note, a HanaRu doujinshi has just been put up, along with a link to a Weiss Kreuz one that I forgot a while ago.

The 2500th visitor of my little page is allowed to request a picture or a story of any couple from (almost) any anime. (I say almost because I don't know very many characters from very many shows). To prove that you are the visitor I'm looking for just click on the counter, then right click, save and send the counter to me along with your request. BTW, I don't do hentai so no lemon requests, okay? Thank yee! Also, in case I don't recieve a letter from the winner, would the next five visitors send me the counter too? Just in case, ofcourse.

News-updates and previous updates in case you missed one. Can't let you fall behind now, can I? ^-^
Bishonen Anime Theater 2000-my attempts at MSTing people's fics. Also note that I have (I think) the authors' permission before posting these things up.
Fanfics-self explanitory if you ask me. Here you can find fiction on several different anime, each series getting their own page. UPDATED!
Pics-also pretty obvious as to what its contents are. These are pics made by people either as gifts by me, for me or just stuff people allowed me to do and things I'm comfortable showing off what I have done myself.UPDATED!
A-mei-a very talented artist who is at the moment homeless on-line. So I decided to give her a place to house her things so we all have the honor of gazing upon them.^^
Me, Myself and I-if you don't what this is about I'm gonna hafta hit you. As if anyone was interested this is about (duh) me, my basic interests, plans for the future and all that jazz. If you're luck I might put a pic of me up later, I'm not photogenic. Not up yet
Yaoi/Yuri-this page explains what yaoi and yrui is (if you still don't understand from above), why I don't mind it and why I like certain couples the most and how I feel they fit together. I am an analytical (and horribly spelling) person who has to have a reason for liking things. And this happens to explain it.
Slam Dunk Babble Club-ah... my home at home and anywhere else I have access to a computer and the internet. If you like Slam Dunk and like fics and other creative devices you'll love the forum. Be warned, though. It is mostly yaoi (we're getting non-yaoi new comers recently).
The Metro-the way out (asides from the back icon on your browser) of this piece of crude page. Has my friends' pages (anime and otherwise) on it and my unofficial home page from my nomad days (which wasn't too long ago).

Okay... I think that's it for now. If you'll excuse me I'll attempt to start putting things up. If you need to e-mail me on anything I'm at [email protected] And please refrain from flames 'cause I won't read them unless I'm feeling less then perfect and need a good laugh. Thank you!