Meridian Scribes Handbook

Introduction to the Current Revision

Unto the Good Gentles of Meridies and beyond, I would like to extend a warm welcome to you in this, the Scribe's Handbook. Dame Katherine Radford of Dreywick has done an outstanding job in putting together all this information, updating it, and keeping the web site valid and functional. I would like to begin this introduction by saying that the Scribes of Meridies should consider themselves eternally in her debt. Thank you for all you have undertaken and championed.

Also deserving of my personal thanks is THLady Jennet of Tewkesbury, who's personal guidance and advice have proven to be priceless over the years. Honorable Lady, you are indeed a gem among gems with your time and your committment to excellence in the scribal arts.

The information herein can be used as a guide in many different areas. There is information available for those who wish to create original Kingdom Master Scrolls for copying. There is information for those who wish to paint scrolls for the Kingdom. There is information for those who wish to create special, personalized permanent scrolls for their friends or family. Whatever your reason for reading this document, I assure you that you will find the information to be helpful and correct to the best of our knowledge.

As Parchment Pursuivant, it is my job to encourage new and seasoned scribes alike. I want to thank all of you who have given so freely of your time and your skills in the past, and want to thank you in advance for any future efforts you might be considering. This office, the Kingdom of Meridies, and I are all extremely grateful for the incredibly talented populace with which we are blessed. New designs are always a pleasant and welcome addition to the Kingdom scroll case, so if you have an idea, please look here for the official scroll wording and by all means send me a copy of your finished black and white original! Please know that I am available to answer questions about Kingdom scrolls at any time, most preferably by email ([email protected]).

My deepest thanks again to all of you who have so graciously provided your fellow citizens with beautiful award scrolls, and those of you who will continue to do so.

In Service to the Crown and Coronet of Meridies, the Citizens of Meridies, and the Offices of the Heralds of Meridies, I remain

Lady Finnegan Reid Paget, CMC, November XXXIV

Many thanks to Lord Eryk Thurmansson formerly of the Great Shire of Seleone for putting together this guideline and for giving his time & effort to this project. I also want to thank THL Marthe Elsbeth of Oak Hill, the editor of the Manual of Styles for Scribes. Much of the information from the Manual was included in the Guidelines. The Manual was a tremendous help for the Meridian Scribe.

THL Jennet of Tewkesbury March, AS XXX

I would further like to acknowledge the help of Lady Angharad from the Shire of Tir Briste for having helped in getting a large part of this information transfered to disk. Many thanks to all those who have contributed to this endeavor.

All drawings used in this handbook are attributed to Master Johannes the Black of the Athanor (RIP)

Dame Katherine Radford of Dreywick Web Minister


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