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Greetings good gentles and welcome to the Meridian College of Scribes Homepage. I pray you will find much of interest in this page and perhaps find it a help in your journey as a scribe, not only as one of Our faire gentles in Meridies but as a fellow follower of the Dream we call the Society for Creative Anachronism.

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Humble Servant of Meridies, Her Crown and Populace,
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Charter for the Meridian College of Scribes

  • There shall exist within the Kingdom of Meridies a College of Scribes chartered by the Crown to aid in the teaching and promotion of the various arts dealing with the making of manuscripts.
  • The college shall be an autonomous body governed by the Chancellor, Vice Chancellor, and Regents, but shall be governed under the auspices, approval, and jurisdiction of the Crown of Meridies and the Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences as required for all guilds and colleges.
  • The College is open to any member of the populace who is interested in the production of period style manuscripts and/or in learning the scribes' arts, regardless of their current level of expertise.

    By-Laws of the Meridian College of Scribes

    Responsibilities and Duties of Officers
    • Chancellor:
      Acts as the dean of the College. The Chancellor is responsible for maintain the roster of scribes, the college newsletter, and the status and assignment of scrolls being prepared by the college. The Chancellor also fills vacant officer positions and acts as liaison between the scribes and the College of Heralds, in particular, the Parchment Pursuivant.
    • Vice Chancellor:
      Acts as assistant to the Chancellor and may take on certain duties of the Chancellor as required. Examples of such duties might be keeping the roster updated, representing the College at official meetings when the Chancellor cannot be present, and assisting with the production of the newsletter.
    • Regents:
      Local representative of the College of Scribes. The regent organizes and promotes scribal activities such as classes and scroll painting within the local group. Other responsibilities include maintaining a list of active scribes in the area and reporting to the College as required by the Chancellor. The regent also receives copies of the College newsletter, to be shared with other local members.
    • Royal Scribe:
      An optional position filled at the discretion of the Crown. The Royal Scribe acts as a liaison between the Crown and the College of Scribes, ensuring a steady supply of colored scroll blanks and arranging special commissions. The Royal Scribe also prepares scrolls directly for the Crown, as required.

    Replacement of Officers
    • Chancellor and Vice Chancellor:
      When the Chancellor retires, the Vice Chancellor advances to the office of Chancellor. The members of the College of Scribes are then polled for a replacement from among their ranks. If the Vice Chancellor cannot assume the duties of the new office, the same procedure is followed in order to replace the Chancellor. In this case, the Vice Chancellor is acting Chancellor until the selection process is complete. The Chancellor and/or Vice Chancellor can be removed by the Crown and the Kingdom Arts and Sciences officer when sufficient evidence is present and on file of actions inconsistent with the best interests of the Kingdom and/or Crown.
    • Regents:
      Regents are appointed and/or replaced by the Chancellor. Adequate evidence for removal must be on file in written form with a copy being sent to the individual being removed. The regent in question has ten calendar days to respond. If a regent wished to contest removal, an appeal must be made to the Chancellor in writing within this ten days.

      As a chartered guild of Meridies, the College of Scribes provides Service in at least one of the following ways:
    • On-going activities that benefit the Kingdom, such as producing scrolls that the Royalty may award to the populace
    • One Kingdom fund-raiser per year
    • Donate the fruits of guild members to a Kingdom event once per year
    • Sponsor a project for the benefit of the Kingdom

      As a chartered guild of Meridies, the College of Scribes provides Communication to its members in one of the following manners:
    • Produce a newsletter (snail or electronic) that is mailed to every guild member, at least twice per year
    • Maintain a web page that is updated at least quarterly
    • Maintain a list serve or news group that has new notices posted at least quarterly
    • All of the above mentioned will contain standard disclaimer that they are not official newsletters of the SCA, etc.

      As a chartered guild of Meridies, the College of Scribes provides Education in at least one of the follows areas:
    • Setup of a manned booth at Kingdom A&S Faire or RUM for a minimum of 3 hours with information on the guild and the art or science it concerns
    • Hold a workshop or event once per year with a flyer listed in Popular Chivalry at least two months in advance
    • Guild members sponsor and teach a class or classes at RUM
    • Guild members teach a minimum of four classes locally or at events throughout a period of one year

      As a chartered guild of Meridies, the College of Scribes will be required to do all of the following:
    • A new guildhead shall be selected at least every two years
      The guild head shall file semi-annual reports with the Deputy Kingdom A&S Officer for Guilds.
    • This officer will publish a reminder notice in Popular Chivalry the month prior to the month in which reports are due. The reports must document how the above requirements are being met by the guild as well as any other guild activities. Failure to report will be met with immediate sanctions.
    • A treasurer who will be selected every two years on alternate years as the guild head. The treasurer's duties will be to maintain records of guild finances, keep copies of receipts, and any other duties related to guild finances. The treasurer may not be the guild head or any person who lives in the same residence with the guildhead. If the guild is required to file financial reports with the Kingdom Exchequer, it will be the treasurer's responsibility to do this. Failure to file financial reports will be met with immediate sanctions.
      The guild shall meet at an event at lease once per year, the notice of this meeting listed in Popular Chivalry at least two months prior to the event.
      A mandatory meeting of guildheads (or their representatives) will be held each year at Kingdom A&S Faire

      There may be an internal ranking system within the guild whereby members rise in rank as expertise is gained. This is optional only and it should not be the primary focus of the guild.

    Enrollment Form for the Meridian College of Scribes

    SCA Name
    Mundane Name
    Phone E-Mail
    Your SCA Group
    Do you consider yourself: Beginner Intermediate Advanced
    Your prerferred style(s) of calligraphy
    Your preferred styles/brand of pen, nib and ink
    Your preferred style(s) of illumination (periods)is
    Your preferred mediums for illumination (ink,paint etc)
    In your opinion, what are your strong annd weak areas as a scribe?
    Are you a member of an organized group of scribes? Name and Location
    Are you willing to teach? What?
    How far can you travel to teach?
    (If possible) Please include 8 1/2 X 11 photocopies (colored?) of examples of your work. Be sure your name and group is on the back of your copies.

    Date submitted (Gregorian)

    You may send this information to THL Simon the Wanderer,

    DISCLAIMER: This page is not an official publication of the Meridian College of Scribes, the Kingdom of Meridies, or the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. The information here is merely provided as a courtesy to interested gentles. It does not delineate policy of the Meridian College of Scribes, the Kingdom of Meridies, or the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc., and statements made herein should not be deemed official.

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