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I made this page for programmers , like me , who need some help in whatever they are doing

So like I said , you can download from here everything that may interest you.

You can find here some programs made by me , and some made by others , I collected their work , I used it an now I am giving it to you

I am intrested much in the graphic part of the programming , so you will find that most of the programs and source codes I have here is talking about programming the VGA and SVGA graphic modes .

If you have some documentation about VGA or SVGA let me know !!!

I am still working on this page , I don't know if and how this downloading thing is working , but I will get it in a week or two .

If you read this please mail to me your opinion about what this page and about what I am doing here , and if this is helping you please TELL me !

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