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Our thanks to all members that brought plants in for judging. One of the benefits of membership is to enjoy the wonderful specimens brought to the each meeting for judging. We will be posting the monthly winners of each category in the coming weeks.

Board of Directors

Larry Johnson

first vice president

second vice president

recording secretary

corresponding secretary





Sue Dohn
trustee 2003-2004

trustee 1999-2001


We had five guests attend our last meeting. We hope you found our meeting informative, exciting and most of all fun. Come back and join us next month. We'd love have you join and become involved.
New Members

We had three new members join us this month. We hope you find your interests sparked at every meeting - get involved -
this is your club now too!!.
Newsletter & the Web

We have created a web site at:
Already it has been awarded!!
If you would like to submit any kind of article you think would be of interest, come up and speak to any board member at the next meeting -Thanks,

June Awards






Oncidium Alliance





Tips on Pests

Did you know that Aphids are attracted to the color yellow. A yellow bowl filled with water and a bit of dishwashing detergent will attract aphids. Or, try a laminated yellow card smeared with Vaseline or similar petroleum jelly, which will result in adheased aphids (like fly paper). Wipe clean, reapply Vaseline and place next to the affected plant. Yellow party cups work well also...So let the party begin!

Slugs can be controlled by placing a container with beer (flush to the ground) around your benches and growing areas will usually result in a mass slaughter. Check at night to make sure that they are not just sipping the stuff. You want them to fall in - to drown in the stuff. Another (and to less desirable method) is to place a wet head of lettuce on the group and inspect regularly for slugs and dispose of manually.
Scale, Mealy bugs & Mites:

Scale, mealy bugs and mites, can be controlled effectively with various methods. 1) They don't like water. Showering (in the tub) after treating with alcohol. 2) Swab with a Q-Tip and alcohol in the affected area. 3) Mix the following spray: 1 gallon of water, 8 oz. isopropyl alcohol, 8 oz. Formula 409 (yes, the cleaning detergent), and 21/2-Tbs.
Sun Ultra Fine Oil. Shake well and spray entire plant. Repeat in 3 days (after eggs hatch to kill next cycle).

Awards Table

I would like to thank all the members for bringing in many plants for judging. For the last few months, we have had a great many plants displayed. Not only does it make it more of a challenge to win that ribbon, but more of us get to enjoy the blooms you bring. And, after all, is that now why we grow them in the first place?! But, did you know, or have you forgotten, that you get a free raffle ticket for every plant you bring in for judging? Most of you have not been asking the Treasurer for those bonus tickets. So, bring in those blooming plants and maybe win another to take home.
Snack Corner

- The Society will provide coffee and soft drinks. Some have volunteered to donate goodies to our refreshment table. Thank you all. Remember, We need everyone to do their fair share.

First Tuesday of each month at 7:30 PM.
Meetings are held at the
Voluteer Park on Sunrise Blvd @118 Ave
Plantation, Florida 33317

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