Plantation Orchid Society

Plantation Orchid Society

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POS was founded in June 1968. The members and Board of Directors are dedicated to helping others better appreciate, understand and enjoy the world of orchids.
Once you have been "bitten by the bug" you will find that orchid growing is obsessive/compulsive...We did!!

Whether you have one plant or a thousand, we invite you to come and introduce yourself to us, in person or via e-mail. It doesn't cost anything to be our guest. Later, of course, we hope you will join as a member. Becoming a member actually costs you nothing since you get a FREE plant with your membership (you must pick up).

We have informative and interesting monthly programs that will help you with your growing problems. We also sponsor semi-annual auctions, monthly plant raffles and sales tables that will help you add to your collection, or start one. You will find some great bargains. Many growers belong to POS, help with a problem is just a question away.

Meetings 1st Tuesday of each month
@ 6:30PM
Orchid Award Banner
Location Volunteer Park,
Plantation, Florida 33351
call Phyllis Durst
(954) 584-4796

we welcome your comments:
Plantation Orchid Society
Plantation, Florida 33318 [email protected]

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