The other Brunei Hashes:

Updated: August 23, 2001.

The Old Farts

Started on 18th Feb 1963 by ex-Singapore hashers Colin Berwick and Pip Furse the Brunei Hash House Harriers was Borneo's 1st and the Worlds 3rd hash to start. Now known as the Old Farts Hash by all and sundry, due to its geriatric membership, in its heyday it set the standard for all other hashes in the area to follow. This once vibrant and lively hash now has very little going for it. Boring and cliquey by nature, apre hash you will find groups of airline employees, teachers, Kiwi's etc discussing work and studiously ignoring the Asian guys who, in turn, are politely ignoring them. Runs are on Wednesday and their Hash circle consists of a few down downs whilst members tediously count from 1 to 10. Hash songs are virtually unheard of. A recent influx of Kiwi's, who appear to have little appreciation of what hashing is about, has further lowered the already appalling standard of this once great hash.

The Hens

Founded in 1966 the Brunei Hen House Hariers is the oldest Ladies hash in the world and, to look at its members, you could easily believe it! `Where boobs and bums bounce best' they claim -  but with the amount of sag in those parts of their anatomy, flop would be more descriptive. A wimmin only hash (not surprising really as any red-blooded male would run a mile at the sight of them) they waddle into the jungle on Tuesday evenings.   Their shout-up is appalling, consisting mainly of announcements for coffee mornings, wimmins groups, amahs for hire and the latest fund-rasing activities for the International School. 

The Hetero's

Started in 1986 by 3 newly arrived degenerates (Adrian Rice, John Croft and Terry Bell) who, after their hashing experiences in Malaysia, considered single sex hashes as suspect. Predominantly CFBT (Cheap Fucking British Teachers) in the early days, Brunei's first mixed hash soon gained a reputation for emphasising the 2nd letter of their employers initials. Alas the years have taken their toll. The younger females, renown for their horizontal hashing skills, have gone, replaced by prudish masculine spinsters more suited to the Nature Society and the Hens Hash. The once proud traditions are a thing of the past and the hash is but a pale shadow of its former self. Only one of the founders remains,  he can be seen on their Friday Hash trying desperately, and failing miserably, to revive the spirit of that once gloriously enjoyable hash.

The Rug Rats And Ankle Biters

In 1979 an Irish batchelor, Paddy Burke, was getting fed up with the rug rats disturbing his Sunday afternoons drinking in the World Wide Club so, encouraged by their parents, he laid a hash which kept them out of the way for an hour or two. Within a few months numbers had grown, the kids became bored with the same jungle and, to Paddy's relief, the JH3 was formed and found more interesting sites to run. Nowadays, the numbers have increased to well over 150 and, whilst the kids have whale of a time getting muddy and beating the shit out of each other, 300 Mums & Dads stand around the eski getting pissed. The JH3 runs are monthly on a Sunday, forthcoming runs are listed below:

The Duskbusters

For 2 years rumours have circulated about this secretive breakaway group of disenchanted members from the other hashes.  It is a mixed hash which runs on Saturday's and each weeks location is passed by word of mouth on a need to know basis. Nuff said!


Monday is run day for the small group of expats and locals based in Tutong, a no-mans-land between the two main urban areas of the state.  They have pristine rainforest available for hashing but rarely uses it, preferring instead the silica sand and open scrub that is close to the town.


Totally isolated from the rest of the state the monthly social event for its reclusive expats and local inhabitants is the Temburong hash. The majority of runs are through primary rainforest, where the chances of becoming irretrievably lost are far higher than anywhere else in the State, and Apre Hash is invariably across the adjacent Malaysian border in Limbang. Runs are bi-monthly on either Thursday or Sunday (Friday and Sunday being non-working days), and the meeting point is 4.30pm the cafe in Bangar

Kuala Belait H3

Formed in the late 70's this Monday night men only hash has sadly declined in recent years with the exodus of the oil industry related expat workforce. The once average pack of 70+, who regularly got lost overnight in uncharted Labi Road forest, has reduced to a mere handful who play safe and run on the better known, and well signposted, forestry reserve tracks. The riotous OnOn's in the Labi Rd Hilton are but a dim and distant memory nowadays.

Kuala Belait Mixed Hash

Formerly the KB Ladies hash, it suffered the same declining membership as the KBH3 and only managed to survive by changing its name and allowing men to join. Runs are on Wednesday, but with a Saturday run once a month, and are invariably laid in the well known Labi Rd forestry reserves

Seria Hash

A little known mixed hash which appears to lead a very intermittent and erratic existence.


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