Hashit.jpg (5819 bytes) BSBH3 HASH COMMANDMENT #5

"Thou shalt have no other before the Hashit for it is sacred and held in much reverence and he that holdeth it hath invoked much scorn."

When Hashers are not amused

Escape is impossible for the accused

Should the Hashers dictate

The phallic does wait


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A well Deserved Hashit for Dirty Dick

Our first Hashit was kindly donated by Peter Murdoch of the BH3 in October 1982 and it obviously symbolised exactly what they thought of us, however it was greatly appreciated and soon gained the respect and reverence that all Hashits deserve.

It was awarded for the first time on 2nd March 1983 (run 21) to Lenny Spencer and George Mitchell and was, unfortunately, only awarded 5 more times. Steve Lovick and Dave Allen were the last `proud' recipients on 6th July 1983 for committing the hienous crime of accepting a lift in a chariot. Justice was done when they knelt before the Hashit and were cleansed of their sins.

Later that night during an OnOn at the World Wide Club, Muara, our beloved hashit, considered sacred by all, was stolen by a Brunei Hasher from Steve's car.  In its place was found a Brunei Hash sheet with a ransom demand written on the back for `a donation of 3 crates of beer for its safe return.'

This act of villany upset many people who noted that it would be impossible to insult a Hash more than by stealing its Hashit. However, neither Hash could allow one foolish act by an unknown person to turn into a full scale war.

A Brunei Hasher had kindly donated it, if they wanted it back we would make another.

At that time the BSBH3 had a large contingent of Danish drinkers who were given the herculean task of constructing the new Hashit. They went about their task with the required respect and tenderness needed in building hashits. As our Hash increased in size, so did our Hashit. Rumours that it was carved to be life-sized for the average Dane  was soon proved totally unfounded with respect to size, however I cannot comment on the bent nature and corkscrew thread.

It was appropriate that the man who was the principle architect in the construction of the new Hashit was also the first to kneel before it on 17th Aug 1983. While instructing a new hasher in all things holy and hopelessly lost off paper, Viggo Hansen left his guest telling him to `follow the sun.' Viggo returned, his guest didn't.

Over the years  the Danish Hashit has disappeared and re-appeared many times and numerous other Hashits have been constructed and used as temporary replacements, but none could ever replace the original which was a part of our Hash history.

Then in 1997 Dr Death, an ex-Brunei Hasher, joined the BSBH3 and within a few weeks brought back our long lost heirloom - and was promptly awarded it. It would appear that it had been handed down over the years until finally reaching the hands of his (ex) wife who, as I understand, made good use of it before fleeing the country in search of the real thing. The Hashit was only used a few more times before once again disappearing. Last awarded to XXXX Pete, which was pretty stupid as he left State the following day. The Hashit is now believed to be prominently displayed at his home in Oz and is probably being well used in his circle of `male' friends - or should that be male friends circle

Recent Sinners

1087 Dr Eddy


 for answering his mobile phone in the jungle

Dunno but he must have deserved it

1084 Hares Joe Yapp, & Angle Lips  an abortion of a run
1071 Bill & Gordon Chickened out after getting lost for 7 hours on their only recce and persuaded Denny to lay the run for them
1070 Dr Eddy Bringing his wife to the OnOn
1062 Chaz & Dave Totally Fucked up run, Hares started from Spg67, got lost, came out at Diplo and then had to call for help to get the pack back
1058 Henry Ting Failed to sign in/out
1057 Ah Choon & Ah Kok Failed to sign out
1056 Ah Choon, Raisin, 

Medicine Man

Fucked up 3 hour run

Allowing his pet splitarse to run (and get lost)

1051 Max Forgot to sign in
1050 Dr Eddy Bringing a splitarse to the run
1043 Rob Roy

Ah Khee

Getting a lift in a chariot

Wouldn't stop talking during shoutup

1040 Ah Choon & Raisin For getting caught by the front runners whilst laying the out trail
1033 Dr Eddy Dunno - something very forgettable obviously
1030 Mohan Left his co-hare to lay the run alone (except for 6 other co-hares) and failed to write the words
1021 Dr Eddy For bringing his wife to the run. The sight of the dick brought a gleam to her eye when Eddy received the hashit.
1014 Cobrahead For forgetting to bring the Dick 2 weeks on the trot
1011 Mohan Dropped the hash horn in the river and lost it
1008 JM's Max & Commando For getting too pissed, having a late shoutup and then fucking it up
1004 JM's Max & Commando For the previous week's mismanagement. ie No signs, No words & No hares organised for the following week
1002 Gunner & Jackie Tan For laying a 400 metre check and false trails
1001 LCL For spitting his dummy out
993 Ah Boi For being a tight bastard. Completed 200 runs, never laid one cos it will cost him money.
987 JM Max Can't remember but he probably deserved it
985 Quaddus Kong  For laying a joint run with the BH3 and not telling anyone in advance. 
980 KB Chu Forgot to pick up the signs
969 Max & Stapes laying a long, crappy shiggy run that only 6 went around - and they were out at 7.30. Stapes spat his dummy out and hid whilst Max took the hashit
967 Flintstone Crap signs, crap run, got lost laying it.
960 Freebeer lost the boys toys
951 More-Rice laying a check in sight of the chariots (400m from the start - the On was 100m back from the start)
946 Ex-JM Flinstone Failed in his duty as a JM - failed to front up on Founders Day
944 Dr Eddy Forgetting the signs, wasting beer and bfor being a general prat
936 Mohan


Not paying attention

Failed to sign out

933 Denny& Freddie Wong Long fucked up run
925 Flintstone Bringing a pair of splitarses to the run
924 The Filth His guest was one of only 3 that went all the way around, Filth was not one of the other 2!!!
923 More-rice, Jakarta, Ah Boi & Ah Beng ?????
921 Angle Lips

Alwyn Wee

For emailing dodgy pics to Raisin


920 Fatt Joe For accidentally icing the JM's
918 Cobrahead Was co-hare but failed to show up till after the run and then tried to sign in and out - it was supposedly his 100th run
914 Fatt Joe


For signing in after he came out

On the run Ding-a-ling collected Tongkat Ali to help him get it up

913 Cobrahead Turned up at 6.30 and tried to sign in and out then couldn't stop gobbing off during the shoutup
901 The Filth Upset by his writeup of the 900th run fiasco the JM's took revenge on hash words and had the temerity to call for hashit, by repeating a scurrilous story that The Filth had left the 900th OnOn to go to the Old Farts Hash. (He did, and at least they had free beer)
900 Ah Choon, Angle Lips & LCL For laying a bloody awful A to B, no transport arranged so a 2km road run back to the start
898 Ross Went in for a recce at 5pm with no compass, co-hare, paper, water or any idea of where he was going. He got out at 1am and hadn't a clue where he had been.
896 Jakarta Forgot the signs, lost the boys toys (awards), laid a dickhead run and anything else to give him an icing!
892 How Fee Chong & Flintstone Calling the pack on to old paper
888 George Ding & Tong Sam Pah Laid a ball-busting run, laid 2nd check too long, didn't clear adjacent H4 paper so the pack fucked up and got called on to the wrong paper.
881 Barbieken Failed to sign out, then spat his dummy out when called to account for his sin
879 Ah Hock A real poser, he sat in his car before the run, carefully brushing his hair whilst admiring his reflection in the rear view mirror. He was so engrossed with this that he forgot to sign in.
874 Kon CF


Stupid Twat picked up all the chemical lights the hares had laid to help the slower runners get out after dark.

Invited a guest and then did not escort him round (the guest was last out)

873 Praying Mantis Failed to sign out
871 Ah Choon & Stick Insect

Free Willy

Wasting beer

For not escorting his guest around the run

867 Fatt Joe Dunno, guess it was for being a fat bastard
864 Barbieken Failed to look after his guest who got lost and came out an hour after everyone else
862 Hau Fee Chong Failed to sign out
860 Dr Eddy Failed to sign out on several recent occasionsand always bogged off before he could be penalised
859 Midnight Cowboy Went in late on run 858, got lost, crossed onto Old Farts paper, got lost trying to cross back and had to be retrieved by the Hares at 10pm. Also forgot to sign out on run 859.
858 Chicken Lim & Tan Failing to get permission for the hash to start beyond the barrier. Slappy had to lay paper 1+km from the barrier to run start
856 Commando For a totally vague run site  location.
855 F&B Using his mobile phone during the shoutup.
849 Stapes & Freebeer Stapes: For laying a run for the BH3.  Freebeer: Forgot to sign out
847 Dick For-a-day Damaging hash property, to wit: throwing the pisspot at More-rice
844 Raisin Mis-spelt BSBH3 on a T shirt
843 Angle Lips, Fatt Joe, Baboon, Peter Tan & Freddy Wong All forgot to sign out.
838 How Chee Fong & Cobrahead HC Fong, throwing softies over the Chinese Mob. No Hashit this week so Cobrahead was a stand-in
834 Ah Choon & Beaker Ah Choon for deserting his guest on the run.   Beaker for his paediaphyllic tendencies
832 Praying Mantis Bringing a female to the hash site
830 Kon CF For not calling through checks
828 Fred Flintstone For attempting to steal the JM's hat during shout-up
825 Cobrahead Forgot to collect the hash signs and laid a long wet hash with a long boring road run to finish.
824 Stapes & Commando


Stapes: got lost on a shortcut, borrowed a mobile, called his wife, got her to drive him almost to the hash site.  Commando, for similarly losing his way
821 LCL Forgot to sign out

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