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A drinking club with a (slight) running problem!

On the web since 22/11/98 and last updated on 29th November 2006

Next Run 1260:    29th Nov 2006 : Shooting range Lagu -Hare: Ting Su Woo

Next Run 1261:    6th DEC 2006 : Mabohai -Hare: Garry Eh/Max

Next Run 1262:    13th Dec 2006 : -Hare:


"This is a wretched, loutish, bedraggled, nomadic tribe which can be found periodically gallumping half-naked  through the jungle, blowing horns and screetching their barbaric warcry: 'OnOn, OnOn.' The purpose of this ritual remains obscure, but anthropologists who have penetrated to their jamboree grounds report that much guzzling of crude intoxicants ensues, accompanied by brutish horseplay and the droning of the tribal chant: 'Downdowndowndowndown.' The tribe lacks all lyric inventiveness. In fact, there is much scholarly debate as to whether they are capable of human speech."


The BSBH3 - How it all began:

In 1982 the Brunei Hash House Harriers imposed an upper limit of 150 members and opened a waiting list for those wanting to join. Ex BH3 JM John Hughes disagreed with the limitation and invited all those on the waiting list, and any other prospective hashers, to join him in forming a breakaway group. On Wednesday 13th October 1982   the inaugural run  for the Bandar Seri Begawan Hash House Harriers (BSBH3) was laid by John Hughes and George Sweetland behind Angs Hotel in the Capitol with 27 runners attending.  

Unquestionably the best hash in Brunei, the BSBH3 offers great jungle runs, good camaradie, ample refreshments and an entertaining post-hash circle. It is a men only hash and runs start at 5.15pm every Wednesday.

The Hash Hierarchy:

Grand Master:   Angle Lips/Tan Wat
Joint Master: Bill, the Oldie
Joint Master: Henry Ting
Hash Dosh: LCL
Hash Words:  [email protected]
Religious Adviser: Hau F Chong
Hash Whip:  Slaphead
Holy Water: Spam Ham
On Sex:  James Lee
Hash Shop:  Raisin
Hash Nurse: Chai CheeBye
Hash Web: Cheng Ho Chichken Rice


LAST WEEKS RUN      write-up of the preceding week's run and the current hareline          L

Last update 04th October  2006


SEE HOW THEY RUN  The list of hashers with the runs they've completed   

Last update 7 January 2005

HASHIT  The ultimate deterrent to sinners!

Last update 16 August 2003

 THE HASH FLASH PAGES  Recent, and not so recent, decent and indecent, photo's of the hash in action

  Last update 04th Oct 2006

BRUNEI HASH LINKS Links and details of other Brunei Hashes

Last Update 6th Jan 2005

  THE OTHER HASHES  Unbiased opinion of the other so-called hashes in the area 


INTERHASH  Links to other hash web sites and to forthcoming Hash events around the world. 

Last update 26th June  2003



  If  you find all  the above pages boring then check these out.

Last update 24th March 2002

GUESTS   Visiting and ex-BSBH3 hashers can pour their scorn out here, all comments welcome. This is a new guest book - the old one was dumped by the server.

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