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Mad Nellie MacBailey

Mad Nelly Mac Bailey
eats grasshoppers daily,
she ought to be locked up of course!
The poor little things
she pulls of their wings
and eats them covered with sauce!
She even eats flies and crocodiles eyes,
she likes to eat them in a stew
and then for dessert
with just a dash of dirt,
she has live snails oozing with goo!
Now mad Nelly has gone
but her soul lives on,
for she left in this world a son.
His nickname is Skids
and he likes to eat kids,
if you meet him I suggest that you run!

By the way kids this is Skids

Way down south in Tassie, where the apples grow
and where the Tassie tiger lurks in all that ice and snow.
There lives a weird creature who hasnít any hair, 
it lives up high in Myrtle trees, itís called the Do Drop Bear!
Now the Do Drop Bear is different, it likes to do drop in!
It plummets from the trees above as silent as a pin.
On unsuspecting tourists, it drops down from the sky,
it licks their faces with itís tongue and pokes them in the eye.
This cheeky little beggar is hardly ever seen,
thereís no trace of where itís got to or even where itís been.
And when the tourist tattles on this impolitish bear,
no one seems to listen and no one seems to care.
The Do Drop Bear has struck again and left its fiendish mark
on the unsuspecting tourist who went out after dark.
So be careful tourists from the mainland
when you go out of a night, not of the Tassie tiger
or devils that may bite!
But beware the Do Drop Bear, it will set your head a spin,
beware this weird creature, for it may just DO DROP IN!

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Hi Everyone! My name is Julie Howell and I would like to share some of my poems with you. I have had one published with the International Library of Poetry. I pretty much write on a diverse amount of subjects. The ones I have shared with you thus far are for the young and the young at heart. I have two daughters, and I also have a 4 grandchildren. I have a Husband, Greg and we live in NSW, Australia. We have 3 cats, Kissy, Jasmine and Isabella, and a chihuahua called Honey. My passions are poetry, art, cats, frogs,unicorns and my family. My dislikes are anything that flies (I suppose you could call that a phobia), judgmental people, racial prejudice and brussel sprouts. My dreams for the future, whether possible or not are to go to Egypt, get a pilots licence and to have my poetry published. I hope some of my poetry reaches your hearts and inspires you in some way.

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