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We Danced Anyway Count Me In How Do I Get There
Strawberry Wine Did I Shave My Legs For This? If This Is Love
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We Danced Anyway

The summer air was heavy and sweet You and I on a crowded street There was music everywhere. I can see us there In a happy little foreign town Where the stars hung upside down A half a world away, far far away I remember you were laughing We were so in love, we were so in love Chorus: And the band played songs that we had never heard But we danced anyway We never understood the words We just sang oh la la la la la la la la la la oh And we danced anyway They say you can't go back Baby I don't believe that Come along with me, come on and dance with me Maybe if I hold you close Baby we could just let go Of these things that tie us down, we'll come back around Do you remember we were laughing We were so in love, so in love Repeat Chorus We danced anyway
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Count Me In

Could there be a differant ending To the same old story 'Cause you're not the first to say You're gonna be there for me I need to know what's in your heart Can you finish what you start How can I be sure I won't be sorry Chorus: If heartaches and tears and shadows of doubt Are part of the deal, you can count me out But if you're talking about a game I can win You can count me in When you tell me you're the one I've always needed You don't know how much I'm wanting to believe it But I've heard it all before Now I'm needing something more A promise is no good if you can't keep it Repeat Chorus
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How Do I Get There

We've always been the best of friends No secrets and no demands But suddenly from somewhere out of the blue I see a differant light around you One thing I haven't told you I just want to hold you And never let go I need to know Chorus How do i get there from here How do I make you see How do I tell you what my heart's been tellin' me Lost in your lovin' arms That's where I wanna be You know I love you How do I get there You probably think I've lost my mind. Takin' this chance crossin' that line But I promise to be truer than true Dreamin' every night with these arms around you. I can't wait any longer This felling's gettin' stronger Help me find a way Repeat Chorus The shortest distance between two points is a straight line But I'll climb any mountains that you want me to climb The perfect combination is your heart and mine Darlin' won't you give me a sign. Repeat Chorus Back to the top.

Strawberry Wine

We was working through college on my gradpa's farm I was thirstin' for knowledge and he had a car I was caught somewhere between a woman and a child When one restless summer we found love growing wild On the banks of the river on a well beaten path Funny how those memories they last, like... Chorus: Strawberry wine and seventeen The hot July moon saw everything My first taste of love oh bittersweet And green on the vine Like strawberry wine I still remember when thirty was old My biggest fear when he had to go A few cards and letters and one long distance call We drifted away like the leaves in the fall But year after year I come back to this place Just to remember the taste, of.... Chorus The fields have grown over now Years since they've seen the plow There's nothing time hasn't touched Is it really him or the loss of my innocence I've been missing so much Chorus Back to the top.

Did I Shave My Legs For This?

Flowers and wine Is what I thought I would find When I came home from workin' tonight Well now here I stand Over this frying pan And you want a cold one again Chorus: I bought these new heels Did my nails Had my hair done just right I thought this new dress Was a sure bet For romance tonight Well it's perfectly clear Between the t.v. and beer I won't get so much as a kiss As I head for the door I turn around to be sure "Did I shave my legs for this?" Now when we first met You promised we'd get A house on the hill with a pool But this trailer stays wet And we're swimming in debt Now you want me to go back to school Chorus Back to the top.

If This Is Love

Hold your racing horses just one minute A funny feeling coming over me I'm hearing violins and Tony Bennett Boy if this is love then I'm in it Chorus: It was a triple digit summer I thought I'd let you share my ice cream cone We took a walk going nowhere But I was already, already gone The train of love is rolling and I'm on it Destination end of the line Every star I see I wish upon it Boy if this is love well then I want it Chorus It wasn't bad as I thought it would be now was it Simple as the dimple in your smile I just can't resist kissin' and huggin' Boy if this is love then i sure love it Boy if this is love Boy if this is love Boy if this is love I sure love it Back to the top.
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