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I Think About You Not That Differant On The Verge
What The Heart Wants Little Red Rodeo Love, Me
That's My Story
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Extremes I Think About You In This Life Walls Came Down

I Think About You

Everytime I see a woman on a billboard sign I think about you Saying "drink this beer and you'll be mine" I think about you When an actress on the movie screen Plays Lolita in some old man's dreams It doesn't matter who she is I think about you When I see a pretty woman walking down the street I think about you Men look her up and down like she's some kind of treat I think about you She wouldn't dare talk to a stranger Always has to be aware of the danger It doesn't matter who she is I think about Chorus You... eight years old Big blue eyes and a heart of gold When I look at this world I think about You... and I can't help but see That every woman used to be Somebody's little girl... I think about you Everytime I hear people say it's never gonna change I think about you Like it's some kind of joke, some kind of game I think about you When I see a woman on the news Who didn't ask to be abandoned or abused It doesn't matter who she is I think about Chorus Tag When I look at this world I think about you Back to the top

Not That Different

She said we're much too different We're from two seperate worlds And he admitted she was partly right But in his hearts defense he told her What they had in common Was strong enough to bond them for life He said look behind your own soul And the person that you'll see Just might remind you of me Chorus I laugh, I love, I hope, I try I hurt, I need, I fear, I cry And I know you do the same things too So we're really not that different, me and you She could hardly argue With his pure and simple logic But logic never could convince a heart She had always dreamed of loving Someone more exotic And he just didn't seem to fit the part So she searched for greener pastures But never could forget What he whispered when she left Chorus Bridge Was it time or was it truth Maybe both led her back to his door As her tears fell at his feet She didn't say "I love you" What she said meant even more Chorus Back to the top

On The Verge

Well they shouldn't have played that good I got carried away and let the music Go to my head Well she shouldn't have worn that dress The way it curled around when she was spinning Just killed me dead My heart began to tell my body and my soul That it had gotten in the mood to lose control Chorus Oh no, when did neon lights turn into moonglow When did that jukebox turn to a rainbow I'm about to give into this urge One more slow dance with her arms around me One more long glance and nothing will slow down me I got no chance, if I'm not in love I'm on the verge All I wanted to be was cool It ain't my style to overheat Much less burn But as we floated across the florr All at once I flashed right past the point Of no return And when we said goodnight the sun was on the rise And any stars that hadn't set had fallen in my eyes Repeat Chorus Back to the top

What The Heart Wants

She met him down at the laundromat Three a.m. on a washing machine They sat, and talked till dawn He bought her breakfast at a small cafe The morning turned into the rest of the day When the day was gone He thought that she'd surely run away No fairytale ever started this way but Chorus: It ain't the mind that calls the shots round here When stronger powers pull two bodies near Nothing on earth can interfere When love is what the heart wants They made a wish on the evening star From a roof top high above the boulevard Up in the twilight sky He held her hand as she held her breath Two lonely hearts beating scared to death Of a chance to fly Giving in to the arms of fate This isn't quite like the plans that they made but Chorus Back to the top.

Little Red Rodeo

Well the note said you've had time to think about it Looks like to me you're feeling kinda crowded You're not looking for anything permanent here So my Rodeo's packed and it's in goodbye gear So I shot down to the Longhorn Diner Her sister works there and she'd know where to find her She said you did not hear this from me All I'll say is momma's got that place out in Monterey Chorus Oh how fast can I go Gotta catch that little red Rodeo She drove off with my heart I got to let her know Need the girl in that little red Rodeo Texas plates, candy apple red Rodeo Two towns back I showed your photograph And the gas station man just started to lauth She said I might see you in this old bucket of rust And said "Good luck boy just follow that cloud of dust" Chorus Bridge: Maybe I was stradling the fence just like she said It took her leavin' just to get it through my head She's the one and only It's over, that's it I'm committed I'm in love and I'm desperate She's a good ways gone but I'm closing the gap If I have to I'll chase her clear across the map Chorus Back to the top.

Love, Me

I read a note my Grandma wrote back in 1923 Grandpa kept it in his coat and he showed it once to me He said "Boy, you might not understand but a long long time ago Grandma's daddy didn't like me none but I loved your Grandma so We had this crazy plan to meet and run away together Get married in the first town we came to and live forever But nailed to the tree where we were supposed to meet instead I found this letter and this is what it said" Chorus: If you get there before I do don't give up on me I'll meet you when my chores are through I don't know how long I'll be But I'm not gonna let you down Darlin' wait and see And between now and then till I see you again I'll be loving you Love, Me I read those words just hours before my Grandma passed away In the doorway of a church where me and Grandpa stopped to pray I know I'd never seen him cry in all my fifteen years But as he said these words to her his eyes filled up with tears Chorus And between now and then till I see you again I'll be loving you Love, Me Back to the top.

That's My Story

I came in as the sun came up She glared at me over her coffee cup She said "Where you been?" So I thought real hard and said "I fell asleep in that hammock in the yard" She said "You don't know it but you just blew it" I said "Well that's my story and I'm stickin' to it" Chorus: That's my story (that's my story) Oh that's my story (that's my story) No I ain't got a witness, I can't prove it but That's my story and I'm stickin' to it Well I got that deer in the headlights look She read my face like the cover of a book she said "Don't expect me to believe all that static 'Cause just last week I threw that hammock in the attic" My skin got so thin you could see right through it And I stuttered "Well that's my story and I'm stickin' to it" Rrepeat Chorus The time comes when a wise man knows That the best thing that he can do Is just look her in the eye and beg for mercy And face the bitter truth "Well honey me and the boys played cards all night There wasn't no hanky panky not a woman in sight And I know I shoulda called and baby I'm real sorry But get a cellular phone and then you won't have to worry You know how much I love you darlin' and I'm ready to prove it And that's my story and I'm stickin' to it" Repeat Chorus I ain't gonna do a thing darlin' unless you approve it And that's my story and I'm stickin' to it Back to the top.
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