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Like The Rain Summer's Comin' A Bad Goodbye
A Good Run Of Bad Luck Killin' Time Desperado
No Time To Kill Cadillac Jack Favor Something That We Do
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Like The Rain

I never liked the rain till I walked through it with you Every thunder cloud that came was one more I might not get through. On the darkest day there's always light and now I see it too But I never liked the rain till I walked through it with you I hear it falling in the night and filling up my mind All the heaven's rivers come to life and I see it all unwind I hear it talking through the trees and on the window pane And when I hear it I just can't believe I never liked the rain Chorus: Like the rain I have fallen for you and I know just why you Liked the rain always calling for you I'm falling for you now Just like the rain When the cloud is rolling over thunder striking me It's as bright as lightning and I wonder why I couldn't see That it's always good and when the flood is gone we still remain Guess I've known all along I just belong here with you falling Chorus 2: Like the rain I have fallen for you and I know just why you Liked the rain always calling for you. I'm falling for you now Just like the rain I have fallen for you I'm falling for you now just like the rain And when the night falls on our better days And we're looking to the sky For the winds to take us high above the plains I know that we'll find better ways to look into the eye Of the storms that will be calling Forever we'll be falling Repeat Chorus 2 x3 Like the rain
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Summer's Comin'

Chorus: Nothin' on earth that'll get me hummin' Like a heat wave comin' And I'll come runnin' With her makin' that tan in The broad daylight And every night is a Saturday night And everything's right with The summer comin' I'm the first one standin' in line For my day in the sun I've been workin' 'Till the sun don't shine Takin' off my hat leave it to the boys Get that old work monkey Down off my back All I want's a little peace and noise Hit the cruise control Get me back on track Let my old Ford treat me Like a Cadillac Repeat Chorus When the day gets cookin' Gonna grab my toys And it really doesn't matter Which wave we're on Get to turnin' up them good old boys Crankin' into the night, by the break of dawn All the towns are red and I still see blond For my day in the sun I've been workin' Till the sun don't shine For my day in the sun I've been workin' Till the sun don't shine Summer's comin' to shine Summer's comin' to shine Summer's comin' Back to the top

A Bad Goodbye

I've been bound to leave you We've known that for awhile I'm sure it's something I can't do If I can't leave you with a smile I don't know how far I'll have to go Till I'm sure those eyes won't cry And in my mind I've left enough to know that I can't Leave you with a bad goodbye Chorus: Goodbye, easier said than done Goodbye, there's no good when you're the one Whose goodbye you swore would never come And in my goodbye you're finding none I'm still bound to leave you I surely don't know how My heart won't let me put you through What my mind said should happen now I don't know where we'll go from here There may be no way to fly And the cloud I'm in just makes it all too clear That I can't leave you with a bad goodbye Repeat Chorus How can we be so far between Where we are and one more try And any way I look, I've only seen that I can't Leave you With a bad goodbye Back to the top.

A Good Run Of Bad Luck

A high roller even when the chips are down To win her over, I'd see the tables turn around She's ten the hard way, I can feel it in my bones She'll be makin' my day and not another night alone It's time for a windfall and not a single minute too soon I've been too long overdue, now I'm gonna shoot the moon Chorus: I'd bet it all on a good run of bad luck Seven come eleven and she could be mine Luck be a lady, and I'm gonna find love Comin' on the bottom line I've been to the tables, and I've lost it all before I'm willin' and able, always comin' back for more Squeezin' out a thin dime till there's no one hanging on my arm I've gambled on a third time, a fool will tell you it's a charm If I'm betting on a loser, I'm gonna have a devil to pay But it's the only game I know to play, it doesn't matter anyway Repeat Chorus (x2) Back to the top.

Killin' Time

You were the first thing that I thought of When I thought I drank you off my mind When I get lost in the liquor You're the only one I find And if I did the things I oughta You still would not be mine So I'll keep a tight grip on the bottle Getting' loose and killin' time Chorus: This killin' time is killin' me Drinking myself blind thinkin' I won't see that if I cross that line and they bury me I just might find I'll be killin' time for eternity I don't know nothin' 'bout tomorrow I've been lost in yesterday I've spent all my life just dying For a love that passed away And if there's an end to all my sorrow And this is the only price I'll pay I'll be a happy man when I go And I can't wait another day. Repeat Chorus Back to the top.


Desperado Why don't you come to your senses You've been out riding fences, for so long now Oh, you're a hard one But I know that you've got your reasons These things that are pleasing you Will hurt you somehow Don't you draw the queen of diamonds boy She'll beat you if she's able You know the queen of hearts is always your best bet But it seems to me some fine things Have been laid upon your table But you only want the ones that you can't get Desperado Oh, you ain't gettin' no younger Your pain and your hunger, they're driving you home And freedom, oh freedom, well that's just some people talking Your prison is walking through this world all alone Don't your feet get cold in the wintertime The sky won't snow and the sun won't shine It's hard to tell the nighttime from the day You're losing all your highs and lows Ain't it funny how the feeling goes away Desperado Why don't you come to your senses Come down from your fences, open the gate It may be raining, but there's a rainbow above you You better let somebody love you, let somebody love you Better let somebody love you Before it's too late Back to the top.

No Time To Kill

There's no time to kill between the cradle and the grave Father Time still takes a toll on every minute that you save Legal tender's never gonna change the number on your days The highest cost of livin's dyin', that's one everybody pays So have it spent before you get the bill, there's no time to kill If we'd known ten years ago today would be ten years from now Would we spend tomorrow's yesterdays and make it last somehow Or leed the cheers in someone else's game and never learn to play And see the rules of thumb are all the same that measure every day The grass is green on both sides of the hill, there's no time to kill Chorus: No time to kill, even I've said it and probably always will But I can look ahead and see that time ain't standin' still No time to kill but time to change the kind of hurry I've been in And quit this work and worry lookin' back at where I've been If you don't look ahead nobody will, there's no time to kill If we had an hour glass to watch each one go by Or a bell to mark each one to pass, we'd see just how they fly Would we escalate the value to be worth its weight in gold Or would we never know the fortunes that we had till we grow old And do we just keep killin' time until there's no time to kill Repeat Chorus (x2) No time to kill No time to kill No time to kill Back to the top.

Cadillac Jack Favor

He's Cadillac Jack Favor and the name rings true If he's got a ride any stranger would too The one bad habit that his Ponder would say Is sure gonna put him through the trials one day And that's just what happened he took pity on two men Headin' down to Louisiana, he stopped and let 'em in And the thanks he'd get for helpin' them Would make him wish he was bustin' broncs again Bridge: He dropped 'em off in Bossier City where they met up with a man Now that vagabond committee barely even had a plan It was just a simple robbery turned double homicide And they got away with murder it'd be someone else's hide Almost two years come and gone, they never solved that crime 'Til they found one of our vagabonds already doing time And when that jailbird started singing they know all the words were wrong But the sheriff and the D.A. and the judge all sang along They pinned it on Jack Favor, gave him life without parole Gave Jack's freedom to the jailbird, payment on the lies he told And it just so happens that election year Everybody made out at the polls Chorus: Cadillac's no fallen hero and he's never gonna break When it comes to prison rodeo, there'll be no easy eight And if you want the definition of a picture perfect frame It be in the dictionary underneath Jack Favor's name Repeat Chorus Yeah, it's the wold's most crooked picture and when it comes to being framed Cadillac Jack Favor should be in the Hall of Fame Back to the top.

Something That We Do

I remember well the day we wed I can see that picture in my head I still believe the words we said Forever will ring true Love is certain, love is kind Love is yours and love is mine But it isn't somethin' that we find It's somethin' that we do It's holdin' tight, lettin' go It's flyin' high and layin' low Let your strongest feelin' show And your weekness too It's a little and alot to ask An endless and a welcome task Love isn't somethin' that we have It's somethin' that we do Chorus: We helped to make each other all that we can be Though we can find our strength and inspiration independently The way we work together is what sets our love apart So closely that we can't tell where I end and where you start It gives me heart rememberin' how We started with a simple vow There's so much to look back on now Still it feels brand new We're on a road that has no end And each day we begin again Love's not just somethin' that we're in It's somethin' that we do Chorus Love is wide, love is long Love is deep and love is strong Love is why I love this song And I hope you love it too I remember well the day we wed I can see that picture in my head Love isn't just those words we said It's somethin' that we do There's no request too big or small We give ourselves, we give our all Love isn't someplace that we fall It's somethin' that we do Back to the top.
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