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The Nashville Webring

The Nashville Webring is a webring designed for all of the great homepages in the Nashville Community at Yahoo! GeoCities to be linked together. Any homepage in the Nashville community at Yahoo! GeoCities is eligible to join the webring. The page must conform to the Nashville theme and comply with the GeoCities content guidelines.

Some of you are probably wondering what a webring is, right? A webring is a group of sites, sharing a common theme or thread, linked together in a ring. When you visit a page in the webring, you can view the next site in the ring, the previous site, or pick a random site in the ring to browse.


  • You must already have a homepage in a neighborhood at Yahoo! GeoCities.
  • You must submit a valid page when joining. All fake and non-existant pages will immediately be removed from the ring queue. 
  • When joining, you must use a valid e-mail address or you will not recieve your crucial ring registration information. 
  • Please do not modify the HTML fragment that you recieve after registering. You may center it, but please do not change it's width, height, or anything else. Doing so will get you removed from the ring. If you need help inserting the HTML in your page, contact the community leader assigned to your block. 
  • We ask that you place the HTML fragment on your main page (index.html) so ring surfers can get to the next page easily. This is not required, but it makes it easier on the Ringmaster so a lot of time isn't spent searching for it. 
  • Lastly, your homepage must conform to the Page Content Guidelines established by Yahoo! GeoCities. 


To join the ring, make sure your site conforms to the guidelines, and then submit this form!

Site Title: 

Site URL: 


Please choose a password. (Don't forget it!)

Enter up to 20 keywords to describe your site.

Description (Enter a short description of your site):


Nashville WebRing Administrator: 
Samantha (driftin)

Nashville Community Center 

Last updated on August, 2000