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Welcome to the Nashville Library . This library was
built to help you in your quest to build the perfect home page. All the
links on this page will take you through out GeoCities, finding useful
information to help you maintain your homestead and find your way
around Yahoo! Geocities .
Several Citizens have contributed their knowledge
to assist you, their fellow members.

Just find the book you need.


Yahoo! GeoCities has established guidelines and terms of service to help
members achieve a true sense of community.
If you haven't visited the guidelines please select this book.

Yahoo! Geocities Guidelines

Ever thought of giving your neighbors, friends and visitors an easy way to leave you
 messages. Check out the book for instructions to add a guestbook to your home page.
This book will answer many questions on problems you may have in adding or fixing your guestbook

Want to keep track of how many visitors have seen your great homestead.
Just check out the counter book for instructions on adding a counter.

Stop the pops!  If you install a GeoGuide on your page, you avoid pop-up ads and more
benefits. Check out the book on Geoguide to see how to install it to your site. Installing the
GeoGuide on your site can aslo qualify your site for a member of the banner exchange program.
Submitting your banner to this program gets your site advertised on other great Geo Sites.

Need help editing your profile or to make changes to your account information.
Change your user name, password  or forward your email .
Check out the Profile Editor book to see how.

Check out the System Status book often for current information
about system changes and upgrades.

The GeoCities File Manager book is a one-stop resource center that can
make building your GeoCities homestead even easier! You will be able
   to delete, rename, copy, edit and preview your files, all in one convenient place.
Check out this book for easy instructions on using the file manager to create, add or
delete files from your site.

Banner Exchange
Profile Editor
System Status
File Manager 

                  GeoPlus provides you with tons of options so you can build your website
                     just the way you want it. Whether you want more space or need an
Extensive CGI Library or Java Applet Library,
Check out this book and see what Geo Plus offers.


File Types
Web TV
Ftp Procedures
Lost Password
Geo Builder
File Types ......Ever wonder what file types are allowed at Geocities.
Check out this book and learn why maybe one of your graphics won't show up.

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol and it's a way of sending files across
the Internet. So if you ever need this method to get your files to Geo or have several files to upload check this book out.

Lose your password? You can use this book to look up your password
if you have forgotten it.

Using WEB TV and need some answers. Check this book out

Check out this book to learn about the Geo Builder

Ever wonder about computer language.
Check out this Book Of Knowledge


Nashville Questions and Answers: Have you got problems with something just not
           working on your page? Try our question and answer page to a lot of common
           problems in building web pages.

           Nashville Web Page Tips

Need a few tips in building your great web site?  Check out Nashville Tips.

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