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Rev. 17-Nov-1997 Chaz Boston Baden [email protected]

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If your page isn't on GeoCities, please copy these to your own server instead of referencing them here!

Permission granted for GeoCities homesteaders to link to this page. (I'd be interested to hear about it, of course.) If your home page isn't on GeoCities, you probably won't have any interest in this page.

GeoCities asks that every free page have a link back to their official pages. If you'd like an interesting alternative to the stock "GeoCities" icons to use for this, this is the place to come. If you have an icon to contribute, write me and tell me where it is. If you would prefer it copied over here, let me know.

"Love your obsessive repurposing of the Netscape Now button!" (Kathryn Cramer, Wonderbook)

Oh, and I take requests; I just whipped up a few on suggestions received from:

If you have questions about graphics on GeoCities, please peruse the HTML/Graphics Questions area, because a lot of the common questions have already been answered there...

Some of the source material for these icons came from The Iconoweb.

Links to general GeoCities pages

width=88 height=31

The first three are official GeoCities-supplied icons. Note the red one - it's similar to the current GeoCities-provided graphic except it's not animated. (If you have the animated one, change /pictures/gc_icon.gif to /pictures/geo_pd.gif to switch to the regular version.) I made the "Free Home Pages At" icon, and the plain grey one.
geobutton.gif geo-citi.gif gc_icon.gif geo88x31.gif geo8831.gif

Tim Hays is responsible for the black and orange basketball version, I found it on his Chicago Bulls Locker Room page. The marble-looking one was adapted from one of Gopgirl's icons on her GeoGraphic Gallery. Most of hers are transparent, made for a light-colored background, and are slightly larger; this one is something of an exception. I made the beige GeoCities logo to match a new Yosemite Trails icon that I whipped up for Beatrice Ann Mitts. The red icon with the fancy script is an 88-pixel-wide version of an 87x31 icon by Roxanne of Heartland/Plains. The one with the ballons was whipped up on the request of Becky in Yosemite.
newgeobt.gif gcad7_88.gif geow8831.gif rgc16_88.gif geobloon.gif

The "GeoCities World Wide" icon with the blue "G" is actually the first frame of an animated sequence. I managed to misplace where I found it; if you know who created it, please write me. After I'd captured the first frame, I modifed it to say "Free Home Pages." And the "wooden" one is by Richard Carlson of SoHo/Lofts. The blue shaded one is by Michael Stevens of Paris. I whipped up the ones with the eagle and the clover when someone asked for them.
geoworld.gif geofree.gif geho6.gif Geocities-00J.gif geoeagle.gif geoeagle.gif

Miscellaneous sizes

The first two are by Cowgirl of Athens. The skinny white one with the script is by Eileen of SoHo. The shiny black one with the globe is by Jyroflux of Tokyo.
checker.GIF fire.GIF geologo.jpg gcl-2.jpg

The long skinny horizontal bar is by Michael Stevens of Paris. The one with the tiger is by Maria of Nashville, and is just one of the many you'll find at Maria's Original Geoicons. The blue skyline graphic is from Dave "Angel" Wall of Heartland/Plains. The script overlaid on the picture is from Dagny of Wellsley. The green and orange "leaves" graphic is by Brandy of Silicon Valley/Heights who's worked out almost forty different sets of themed graphics.
Geocities-00Z.gif geotiger.gif g5.jpg icon4.jpg 33geolink.gif

I found the "Your new home on the web" graphic at Kent Campbell's page in Wall Street. The Geocities/Pentagon icon is from the Pentagon IRC Center. The red white and blue one is from

  • Geocities Icons with a Civil War Theme by Rivky Berkowitz (Enchanted Forest/Dell). The grey 3-d gEOcITIES icon is by Janice, who e-mailed a few to me; I don't know where her web page is yet. I originally found the plain blue text icon at the Pentagon Community Center.
    cplogo2.gif geo3.gif gpn2.gif georebnatl.gif link.gif Home for Retired Icons These used to be the standard icons, and you'll still see them on some of the older pages.
    bhi_ball.gif geoicon.gif geocities_at_night.gif

    Animated GeoCities Icons

    Eventually I'll move these to a separate page. The first one is from the Athens Community Leaders page; the second one is from Mario Kart 64 Headquarters.
    geo.gif - it's an 80x20 animated sequence, 33K
    GEO1.GIF - it's 88x31, 5K bytes.

    Neighborhood Icons

    I have an icon for every GeoCities neighborhood - all 39 of them. (If you're reading this and GeoCities has added a 40th neighborhood, please write me.) I have them all on display in GeoCities Neighborhoods

    If you would like to use one of these to indicate a GeoCities link on your GeoCities page, go right ahead. If you'd like me to make one up for your particular neighborhood or block, just write me and we'll talk. [email protected]

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