GeoCities Neighborhoods

(Area 51) (Athens) (Augusta) (Baja) (Bourbon Street) (Free Home Pages)
(Broadway) (Cape Canaveral) (Capitol Hill) (College Park) (Colosseum) (Enchanted Forest)
(Eureka) (Fashion Avenue) (Heartland) (Hollywood) (Hot Springs) (Madison Avenue)
(Motor City) (Napa Valley) (Nashville) (Paris) (Pentagon) (Picket Fence)
(Pipeline) (Rain Forest) (Research Triangle) (Rodeo Drive) (Silicon Valley) (SoHo)
(South Beach) (Sunset Strip) (Television City) (The Tropics) (Times Square) (Tokyo)
(Vienna) (Wall Street) (Wellesley) (West Hollywood) (Yosemite) (GeoCities)

I have an icon for every GeoCities neighborhood - all 40 of them. (If you're reading this and GeoCities has added a 41th neighborhood, please write me.)

The marble-looking Geocities icon was adapted from one of Gopgirl's icons on her GeoGraphic Gallery. Most of hers are transparent, made for a light-colored background, and are slightly larger; this one is something of an exception.

FagBoy made the West Hollywood icon.

The new Yosemite icon was e-mailed to me by Pat Weitzel.

I made the rest of them.

Rev. 02-Jan-1998 Chaz Boston Baden [email protected]

If you would like to use one of these to indicate a GeoCities link on your GeoCities page, go right ahead. If you'd like me to make one up for your particular neighborhood or block, just write me and we'll talk. [email protected]

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