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Welcome to My Hotwheels Trade List and Other Hotwheels Info I have here. I will do my best to fight procrastination to keep this part of my web site up to date. So, check out my trade and wanted list(s), check out my auctions I have currently on EBAY, or just enjoy any other of the Hotwheels information I have to offer.

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Please click on the link directly below to view my trade list. These are all the duplicates I have and each I will be willing to trade or sell. I am an extremely fair and honest person and not looking to rip anyone off. I will normally ask in trade something I don't have. If you wish to make a cash offer, please do so and I will consider it (again, I am not trying to obtain a second income from my hobby). If you see that I have many duplicates of one car and you need that particular car, just EMAIL and I most likely will send it for FREE. I am in this just to help everyone's collections out. If you are looking for something in particular and you do not see it, please EMAIL me. I do have many other Hotwheels that I just may not have a duplicate of, but that does not mean I would not be willing to trade it.


Please click on the link directly below to view my wanted list. I am a relatively new collector and therefore I need most of the 1995 and 1996 stuff. I am a very fair person. So, if you see something you like on my TRADE LIST and you have something I need, make me an offer. If I don't have anything you need on my trade list, but you have something I need, please email me and let me know what kind of offer I can make you.


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I found about EBAY in early 1997 and ever since then I check out ebay so much I wonder what life would be like without this internet auction site. Ebay provides me a way of seeing (shhh..purchasing too..just don't tell my wife) items that I have not seen yet or items I will never get to personally see. Please be careful of price trends on ebay. Sometimes it is a buyers market and sometimes it is a sellers market. Although, good deals can be had by all if you are patient. Feel free to EMAIL me and ask me any questions you have about EBAY. Please click on the link directly below to view what I am currently selling on EBAY.


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Click on the banner to visit the greatest toy site on the web. They carry a great selection of Hotwheels and Matchbox for great prices and they carry stuff you just can't find in the stores. You can visit the site ESMARTS to find valuable instant online coupons for ETOYS that lets you get items much more cheaper than in stores. This site carries 30th Anniversaries, 5-packs, Cool Collectibles, track sets, and just about anything new you can't find in the stores and with the instant coupons you can get it much cheaper. They also carry a wide variety of other toys.


If you would like to join a great Hotwheels Group that communicates via EMAIL, please see the HOTWHEELS EMAIL LIST page on how to join the list. This list is currently being managed by Hallie Berman. Actually everyone on the list is great and they are very eager make fair trades and deals with Hotwheels as well as discuss the latest trends and news. You will not find a friendlier, more useful Hotwheels Discussion Group out there.

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