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Updated: March 29, 2000

This webpage is dedicated to my hobby of collecting Hotwheels and other Diecast Vehicles. I started collecting Hotwheels around July 1997 (just a couple of months after my son was born) and I meant just to collect a few of the Hotwheels that I thought he might like to play with when he was old enough. Now, I collect most all hotwheels that I like because I actually enjoy the little cars myself.

I also enjoy other Diecast including Matchbox and Johnny Lightning. Each of these Diecast offer a little variety to the hobby and keep it interesting for me. But, I do not collect these diecast near as much as I do Hotwheels. This website will mainly deal with HotWheels, but as I have time I hope to add these other Diecast interests of mine.

Please click on the links below to learn a little about me, view my Hotwheels trade list and info, view my other diecast trade lists and info (coming soon), and to view some of my favorite websites. Thank you for stopping by and please sign my GUESTBOOK before you leave..

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