Machine Name LEYJUN DUNLOP 320R
Base Model VEMAC RD320R
Machine Specifications
Chassis Type SVCRD320
Length x Width x Height 4467mm X 1825mm X 1120mm
Weight 1185kg
Wheelbase 2620mm
Track F: 1810mm X R: 1825mm
Transmission 6-speed sequential+reverse
Clutch Cabon Clutch
Suspension F: Double wishbone, Push rod
R: Double wishbone, Push rod
Brake F: 6pot caliper/378mm steel rotor
R: 6pot caliper/379mm steel rotor
Tire Dunlop
F: 290/680-18
R: 280/710-18
F: 11J-18
R: 11J-18
Engine Specifications
Engine Model HONDA C32B
Configration V6 NA
Displacement 3424cc
Bore & Stroke 93mm X 84mm
Air Restrictor 27.1mm X 2
Maximum Power 380ps over / 7500rpm
Maximum Torque 41kg-m over / 6500rpm
Oil Original
Engine Tuner / Machine Maintenance
Engine Tuner Toda Racing
Machine Maintenance R & D Sport

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