This page is about my 1978 Triumph Spitfire - stories, advice and other stuff. It is dedicated to the memory of my father who introduced me to Spitfires and now can enjoy rustless English steel, reliable Lucas electrics and a top that is perpetually down. (since it wouldn't be heaven without Spitfires). Thanks, Dad...

Since I have but infrequent acess to a scanner or a digital camera, there will be few pictures on this site. Instead, a thousand words...

I hope to continue to expand and update this site. Check back often...

This site created 12/6/99. Last update 5/22/05


A Little Bit About Me and My Spitfire (like you care...)

Spitfire-side Tales - Favorite Breakdown Stories, Junkyard Anecdotes and Other Miscellaneous Ravings

My Maintenance Page which includes

---Replacing the clutch - Some Tips

---Thrust Washers - Change them some afternoon?

---The Little Engine That Could ... Be Removed Without Any Special Tools

---Converting the Lucas alternator to a GM

Maintenance Page 2 which includes

---Leaky PDWA?

---Upgrading the Wheel Lug Nuts

Maintenance Page 3 - Replacing Inner Tie Rods

Spitfire Ads - Spitfire 4, MK2, Mk3 - heavy graphics; may be slow loading

Spitfire Ads - MkIV, 1500 - heavy graphics; may be slow loading

Original Window Sticker from 1969 Spitfire

A (Bogus) History of Triumph


Spotfire's Spitters Guide...whatever

Other Triumph Links

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