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The word Reiki written in Japanese script.Reiki is a gentle and loving practice that heals the body, mind and spirit. Reiki (pronounced "ray-key") means "universal life energy" in Japanese. Reiki is passed through one person to another, by touch. It is not a system of religious beliefs. Reiki / universal life energy heals on spiritual, emotional and physical levels; allowing well-being to be amplified through non-intrusive therapeutic touch. Healing, relief - both mental and physical - result from the application of Reiki.

Barbara West, a Reiki Master of the Usui System of Natural Healing, and a member of the Reiki Alliance taught me Reiki. Barbara is a sparkling soul and a wonderful teacher. I encourage everyone to attend one of her talks.

Later, after my level one Reiki attunement from Barbara, I was guided to obtain my second level attunement from David a Reiki Master.   David provided my third level attunement to me on June 18, 1998; the loving energy of past Reiki Masters has passed into me.

David is a bright and loving person who first introduced me to Reiki and healing touch. Last summer, after I finished mowing my lawn, I lifted the mower by its handle to carry it back into the garage. As I was carrying the mower it swung and hit me in shin; very painful. David was there and he put his hand on my shin for a few moments. I forgot about the injury and about a week later I realized that I never even had a bruise!

Anyone can learn Reiki; its beauty lies in its simplicity. We all have the natural ability to channel healing energy through our hands. We enhance this ability by various attunements from a Reiki Master.

One of the most striking experiences I've had with Reiki is that my toes are warm! Remember, I live in Alaska and in the past, unless I'm sitting with my feet propped up in front of my fireplace, my feet have always been cold. But not anymore!

Seriously, Reiki has helped me relieve physical pain, as well, as heal at deep emotional levels. I use Reiki on myself when I've worked out too hard and I am experiencing muscle aches, etc. When I perform Reiki on myself or others I feel tranquil, centered and whole.

Many people are interested in the history of Reiki and the man who brought Reiki to the attention of the world, Dr. Usui. William Lee Rand, a Reiki Master, has posted an article concerning the memorial erected to Dr. Usui. The Usui memorial is located on the grounds of the Saihoji temple in the Suginami district of Tokyo. It was erected by Dr. Usui's students shortly after his death. The memorial is maintained by the Usui Shiki Reiki Ryoho.

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Fear and anxiety can create havoc in our lives. Often fear and anxiety is expressed as actual physical symptoms. We feel a crushing sensation in our chest, our breathing becomes shallow and quick, our fingers tingle, etc. Reiki can be used at these times to bring healing and serenity back into our lives. Here’s a technique that I’ve used with positive results:

First take an inventory of how you are physically feeling. List the sensations you’re experiencing or say your inventory of sensations out loud. The important thing is to bring them out of your mind into your physical world.

Visualize a calming image. "It's night time. You're standing in a quiet snow covered woods. The evergreen trees are gently illuminated from the moon's reflection on the snow. You looking up at the Aurora Borealis slowly dancing across the sky as it changes colors."An Alaskan scene: Aurora Borealis

Or you're sitting on the shore of a peaceful lake, looking at the smooth surface of the water, etc. In other words, think of any representation that you associate with serenity.

Place your hands on the parts of your body where your fear and anxiety is manifesting itself and allow the healing energy to flow into you. If you can't locate a specific area where the fear and anxiety is localized, then place your hands on your heart.

Use affirmations to acknowledge how you’re feeling. Say out loud:

  • I feel [the emotion, fear, anxiety]. - You’re confirming that this feeling exists.

  • I accept [the emotion, fear, anxiety, etc.]. - You are allowing this feeling to be.

  • I welcome [the emotion, fear, anxiety, etc.]. - You’re affirming that this feeling is a part of you. This is a positive opportunity to become better acquainted with all the facets that make up your being.

Use this time to be actively present. The point of this exercise is to communicate with yourself and allow the healing energy to be restore balance in your life. You are participating in your own recovery.

I’ve found that a useful reference book that details this technique is Libby Barnett, Maggie Chambers, and Susan Davidson’s Reiki Energy Medicine: Bringing the Healing Touch into Home, Hospital and Hospice (ISBN 0892816333).

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