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An important component of staying healthy is the people in your life. Friendship shapes our lives as well serves as foundation for other relationships such as partnership / marriage. I'd like to share with you, influential people in my life:

Felix - click for a larger imageFelix is my friend from Spain. We met in 1999. He is amazing person, intelligent, fun, with a kind and loving nature. Felix has a positive outlook on life. You can't help but be in a good mood around him. He is a world traveler, and has seen many places.

We can talk for hours about all sorts of subjects; never tiring of our conversations. He is his final university studies and most of his time is devoted to his field of interest. I still tease him about getting exercise and working out. Felix laughs at my teasing - but he knows exercise is important.

He likes music from his region of Spain - a kind of Celtic music from the North of Spain. A musical group that Felix shared with me is "Hevia" and their CD "Tierra de Nadie."

Glynis RamierzGlynis Rameriz is a Personal Trainer in Honolulu. She is from Alaska and I had the privilege of being one of her clients. Motivation is one of the cornerstones to keeping fit. For me motivation can be a new workout routine; great music; or a good friend.

Glynis trained me for my victory in 1996 as Mr. Anchorage Master's Divsion. She also was a wonderful friend.Click here to read more about Glynis and personal training.