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Listed below are some web sites that I've found to be curious, unusual, and many times useful.

  • Alaska Railroad.  Lots of information about Alaska's major transportation link. 
  • Anagram Server.  Did you know that parliament is an anagram of partial men? Or, Clint Eastwood an anagram of Old West Action? Someone once said, "All the life's wisdom can be found in anagrams. Anagrams never lie." Here is your chance to discover the wisdom of anagrams.
  • Ask Jeeves. Any Question Answered.
  • ATM Locator. From VISA, find an ATM any where in the world.
  • Guild of Animated Gif Artists. Best source on the net for animated GIFs.
  • Aurora Predictions. University of AK - Geophysical Institute. Active regions on the sun create an electrically charged wind which blows through the solar system, and is pulled close to the earth in rings around the north and south geomagnetic poles, creating the aurora.
  • CDnow.   On-line music store - "the Internet's Number One Music Store."
  • Current Date and Time. Everything there is to know about the current date. Links from Aztec calendars to star charts.
  • Diet Planner. From Betty Crocker - weeks worth of menus.
  • Dream Weaver. A combination of sound and sacred geometry.
  • Earth and Moon Viewer. This link will take you to an image of the world or moon.  You can zoom in on any region.  This site contains many extraordinary images.
  • Frontrunners. A local Anchorage running club.
  • Home Planet.  A Microsoft Windows 3.1, 95, and NT application which puts a somewhat different spin on the usual astronomical or planetarium program. Home Planet places the Earth in its place in the universe, allowing one to look up toward the stars or down upon the Earth from a variety of perspectives. Comprehensive documentation is included in a hypertext help file.
  • House of Light.  A personal spiritual retreat and healing center.  This Site is dedicated to personal ascension, particularly to those wishing to overcome the fear of intimacy as they journey towards the experience of uncondional Love.
  • How Things Work.   By Louis A. Bloomfield, Professor of Physics, The University of Virginia; if you ask how something works, he'll try to provide an explanation.
  • Hyperreal.   A vast cyber-organism made up of sites related to techno and rave culture.
  • Internet Drug Index.   Serious information on pharmaceutical drugs, including warnings, interactions, dosages, and overdose treatments for a wide variety of prescription medications.
  • Institute of Noetic Sciences studies the mind and its diverse ways of knowing in a truly interdisciplinary fashion.
  • Man's Life.  The complete instructions for heath and wealth.
  • Martin Luther King Papers Project.  Stanford University site contains secondary documents written about Martin Luther King, Jr., as well as primary documents written during King's life.
  • Mayo Health Oasis.   This site is very common-sense, easy-to-read, and has an orthodox approach to the subject of health; included on the site are a library, a cancer information center, and areas dealing with diet and nutrition, heart problems, pregnancy, and women's health. No Web site is a substitute for a doctor's visit, but this site provides quite useful information.
  • Men's Web. Men's voices, issues, stories, and much more.
  • Natural Health and Longevity Resource Center.  Valuable information exchanges on Natural Health, Alternative Medicine, Complementary Medicine, Longevity, Healing Methods, and Holistic Health.
  • Northern Gardening. For those of us in northern climates.
  • On Health. Great site with lots of information on many health related topics.
  • One-Look Dictionaries. Search more than 130 dictionaries at once; pronunciation, spelling, also, specialized dictionaries (medical, slang, etc.).
  • Phone Spell.  Discover the words, phrases, or names encoded in your, or anyone else's, telephone number, just plug in the digits.  Simple and fun!
  • Photon Net.   The formation of a global network of Light. Their goal is to be one of the most prolific coordination hubs for artists, healers, lightworkers, Earthworkers, environmental groups, and anyone making a positive contribution to the present and future of Earth.
  • Scouting Page. By Jim Speirs - all sorts of scouting info plus recipes for camp recipes and master mixes.
  • State of Alaska.   Want to know about Alaska?  Start here.
  • Starting Point - WWW Search. An excellent search engine.
  • Spirit Web. Spiritual Consciousness on the WWW.
  • Top Secret Recipes.  by Todd Wilbur, who has made it his life's work to figure out how to replicate famous fast foods.  Re-creations include such delicacies as Arby's sauce, Wendy's chili, Snapple Iced Tea, Orange Julius, and Mrs. Fields's Chocolate Chip Cookies.
  • TRiP:   Goa and Psychedelic Trance.  The interactive resource for the global trance dance scene.
  • Virtual Vegetarian.  Vegetarian Times is a magazine promoting the healthy veggie lifestyle, and this is its colorful, clever, useful, and helpful Web site.  It's full of great nonfat and low-fat recipes, and has an excellent section on resources for a vegetarian lifestyle.
  • What's New. - Yahoo. Keeping up to date with the Internet.
  • X-Radio. - A global source for electronic music.

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