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Welcome To The Demeter SRC
Revisiting The Past

Dreams of days of long ago
Life always will reflect
Thoughts of love of yesteryears
Sweet memories perfect

Thinking of these special years
With innocence of hearts
Finding joy in dressing up
We each had special parts

Bride in such a pretty dress
Mother serving tea
A little baby in the chair
Abundant love of three

Happy times of life to share
When worries were so small
Just a day to pass away
This pleasure we recall

Oh for days of youth again
To play our make believe
Sharing love within our hearts
A blessing we retrieve

Forever with a child's sweet heart
These gifts are ours to share
With love and joy reflecting days
Our united hearts compare.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
2001 used with permission.
MIDI playing is "Your Sweet Smile" and is used here with the permission of the composer.
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Bruce Deboer
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