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The aim of this site is to trace the lines of descent for my children : the research for my paternal line (ROWBERRY) is largely done, and I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Polly Rubery for all her assistance with this. If you are looking for a detailed study of all branches of the Rowberry family tree then you need to consult Polly, as my site is concerned primarily with my own family's ancestry and connections.

Much remains to be done on our other lines : my maternal line (
HARLEY) has many "dead-ends" but I have recently managed to trace my husbands' roots - (DAVIES, EVANS and STEVENS) - back to 1798 from data recorded in the family Bible.

I am currently researching the following surnames:

  • ROWBERRY - Herefordshire and south Wales
  • HARLEY - believed to be Scotland (Edinburgh / Leith) lots of recent updates
  • PRESTON - Yorkshire (Bridlington/Filey areas)
  • WELBURN - east and north Yorkshire.
  • RUSLIN - east and north Yorkshire, including Ampleforth
  • DAVIES - south Wales (Pontypool and the Valleys)
  • STEVENS - south Wales (Pembrokeshire - Dinas Cross)
  • EVANS - south Wales (Pembrokeshire - Dinas Cross)

The Rowberry line has been well established right back to the 1550s, largely because our branch of the family lived entirely within a ten-mile radius right until the 18th century and then only moved out a further ten miles or so until some of them emigrated to the USA: the American branch became prominent Latter-Day Saints (Mormons), a church which has probably the most extensive genealogy library in the world and where much of the American side of the research work has been carried out.

Census 1901

To study individual branches of my family tree, click the surnames below:


For the first version of my family's tree that I drew up, CLICK HERE.

For a newly-added pictorial Family Tree for the Harley line, click on the button below

Site launched November 11th 1999; latest update 25th April 2009
All images, graphics etc. are the property of D.G. Davies or immediate family members and may not be reproduced without permission. This Website and all material contained therein © D.G. Davies 1999-2009. All rights reserved.

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