Adventures in Moab
Greetings from Moab, Utah where Heb, Gene, Wyatt, and Eli are having a great adventure.  Enjoy these photos of our life here.
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Our House
moving van going to Moab
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Baby Eli
Big Boy Wyatt
On our way to Moab
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front view of mountains
view from back
The view from our front windows and driveway (and also Heather's office).
The view from our back deck and kitchen window.  This is especially beautiful early in the morning.
Glowing rocks at sunset
Snowy mountains
If the sunset is just right, it looks like the rocks are glowing.  This was taken from our driveway.
A rainstorm passed through on May 30 and brought snow to the La Sals.  The new snow melted fast and almost all the snow is melted now.  Also taken from our driveway.