How to Make your own globe!

Start with your globe.

Your globe bottom.

And a photo or graphic.

The graphic should not be trasparent. It can be in GIF or JPG.

Start with the globe and the photo. Open the photo and place the globe over it to fit what you want in the globe.

Then you will have to make the globe semi-transparent, so you can see the globe and the photo at the same time. You can change the color of the globe, but I didn't in this example.

Once you have the globe over the photo where you want it and you can still see both you need to click on both photos that are on the right hand side of your screen. To select them both, you will have to click on and then hold down the CTRL button on your keyboard and click the other one, this will bring them both up, and you will see a little unlocked latch, you need to click it to lock them together. A box comes up and you can read about this or just click NO. Once you have them locked together, you need to go to SIZE & POSITION/CROP/SHAPE. Pick the shape that looks closest to your glove. Resize it to the size you want it, then cut/crop your photo.

At this time, if you are working in a small photo, you will need to make it larger, depending on what size you want the finshed globe to be. You can do this, by going to SIZE & POSITION/CHANGE PICTURE SIZE. I work in PIXELS, it makes more since to me. There is a tiny box that will have "inc" in it, click on it and pick "PXL", and you will be working in PIXELS. Change the numbers to a higher number if you want it bigger. 300 pixel is quite big, I like them around 200-250 that is a nice size, not real big. Once you get the hang of it, you will be able to judge what size you like. Click save and then we add the base.

You will click on your globe/photo, and then use the little green sizing balls to make it smaller in the space so you can add the base. Bring up the base, drag it up to your space. Resize it to fit the globe. The whole globe should fit your white space, so you can see the whole thing and not have alot of empty white space left.

Then you add the thing you want to move in the globe. I use the stamping option under PAINT & EFFECTS. You have little pictures to choose from or you have just shapes. You can also make your own, but opening a photo and double clicking on it while in the stamping file. Whatever you choose, you will need to size it, adjust color and place where you want it. You can add as many as you want in the globe. I don't like alot, but some people do. When you have it the way you want it, click OK.

You can choose to move or chage color or darkness on the stamps, to make them appear to be moving or blinking. Once you decide, you will "SAVE AS" each time you change it. ALWAYS save these in GIF files! Or they wont be trasparent. I change them 5-10 times, and save each time in GIF and in order by naming them "bird1", "bird2", etc. Once you have these saved in order. You are ready to make your globe move!
You will have to close all the items in your template you have open. You can save this in "picture it" form so that you can open it later if you don't like something. Then close them all.
Once you page is empty, click PROJECTS/WEB/FLIP ANIMATION. You will choose OPEN A PHOTO. You will open each photo of the globe you saved, in order. To open them all, click on one, then hold down the CTRL button and click on each one as they are in your file. The click OK. They will all open. Click next, and choose patterened or solid background, I always go with patterened. Click next, and choose your size in pixels. You can click on any of the sizes listed in the box. Remember under 100 is very small! Click next and choose how long you want your animation to last. It always starts at 3.0, 2.0 is faster and 4.0 is slower. You can click next and see what your animation will look like, if you don't like it, just click the little arrow and go back and change something. Once you have it like you like, then SAVE and you have made your very first globe!

You may use any of the things on this page to save as and then try making your own globe! Good luck and if you need help, just ask :o)

And of course there is always thing you can do different and change, if you can think of it, you can make it!