Support Program

Panama City Webdesign and Management is an absolute believer in support. You can sell the products, software and hardware. But without the support, a well founded program such as ours is defeated before it even leaves the front door, showroom and servers that we support and recommend.

We have given this program a great of consideration in what actually is in our capacities to support and have broken it into three major catagories.

Website Design and Management

Once your site has been created and uploaded, or if your services have been contracted to be changed and moved to a different server. We will be on a stand by status. i.e. 24/7 on call service for a period that is stated in your contract. Any necessary changes to be made to meet the criteria of your website outside of the contractual period, will be billable and you will receive a complete printout at your request concerning such matters.

Software Support and Onsite Training

We currently support these manufacturers software products:

f_2.GIF (128 bytes) Microsoft Windows f_2.GIF (128 bytes) Ibm
g_2.GIF (128 bytes) MS-DOS 5.0 and later g_2.GIF (128 bytes) AS400 version 3.71r and later
g_2.GIF (128 bytes) MS WIN95/98 g_2.GIF (128 bytes) System 436
g_2.GIF (128 bytes) Office 95/97 g_2.GIF (128 bytes) 5394 Remote controllers
g_2.GIF (128 bytes) Internet Explorer 4.0/5.0 f_2.GIF (128 bytes) Lotus Products
g_2.GIF (128 bytes) Outlook Express g_2.GIF (128 bytes) Smart Suites 97/98
g_2.GIF (128 bytes) Frontpage 98 g_2.GIF (128 bytes) CCmail
f_2.GIF (128 bytes) NT g_2.GIF (128 bytes) CCmobile
g_2.GIF (128 bytes) Workstation 4.0/5.0 f_2.GIF (128 bytes) Corel Products
g_2.GIF (128 bytes) Exchange g_2.GIF (128 bytes) Corel Draw
g_2.GIF (128 bytes) TCP/IP IPX networking g_2.GIF (128 bytes) Corel Paint
g_2.GIF (128 bytes) Outlook  97 f_2.GIF (128 bytes) JASC Paint Shop Pro
f_2.GIF (128 bytes) Novell f_2.GIF (128 bytes) Norton Utilities
g_2.GIF (128 bytes) Server Administration f_2.GIF (128 bytes) Visio CAD and Network
g_2.GIF (128 bytes) Workstation 4.0 and above f_2.GIF (128 bytes) Cisco Routers
g_2.GIF (128 bytes) NWSAA  for IBM AS400 f_2.GIF (128 bytes) 3COM Hubs and Modems

We support some many other wonderful products it would take forever to list them all. Call us if there is a special product that you may have a question on.

Hardware Support

In most cases, anything that we sell, we believe to be the most adequate for your application needs. For a list of vendors we use ( and that isn't all of them ) see our
Cool Links and Downloads Section