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Welcome to Steel Magnolias Webdesign 

Our mission during your stay with us, is to educate you on why we are ahead of our competition in developing your corporate business with the exposure on the world wide web as an entity, not just another website. Our research and experience in the constantly changing market, search engines and mergers has enabled us to be confident that your corporation will be a mainstay in the years ahead in the Internet and eCommerce industry. Our proven designs and implementation proceedures, along with our support, allows our organization to monitor your website and make the necessary changes that are so dependant in today's internet market. We also provide hardware and software support. Our fully trained sales and service personnel are capable of taking care of all your onsite needs in training, communications and networking. 

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Studying for your Novell CNE, Microsoft MSCE License?

Enjoy our "CRAMSESSIONS" Novell CNE course examination notes and "need to know facts and answers" for courses 520,525,526,532 and 804. Brought to you by Cramsessions.com and My personal study notes from David Clarke's Novell CNE study guide for IntranetWare / NetWare 4.11. AND!! Microsofts how to get 2000 certified.

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-=]Bonus Newsletter[=-
Is your online business a hobby or a real business?

by Kevin Sinclair
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