Welcome to the resurrected
Blazer Bashing Page
DISCLAIMER: This site, while intended to be humourous, may be offensive to some viewers. If you think highly of hockey players (or do not appreciate insults), DO NOT CONTINUE READING! Doing so voids any right to complaint.

The Story:
    What inspired a sadistic notion like the Blazer Bashing Page? For the record, it's nothing personal. Blazer bashing started several years ago as entertainment during games among my friends. Joking about other people comes fairly naturally to most teenagers, and the Blazers were always...there. Easy targets. The phenomenon grew because:

1) It's highly amusing.
2) There are tons of rumours and stories floating around town about players--joke fodder is easy to come by.
3) It's relatively harmless--most players can survive a few insults.


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