Arbil is the Capital of Kurdistan


Arbil is the Capital of Kurdistan. It is located in southern Kurdistan. Arbil has a population of more than 1 million, it is also the center of the Kurdish Parliament, and the Kurdish government. It is also known for its importance in commerce.

The city was built thousands of years ago by the Meedes (the early Kurds), it was called after ArbaAilo, the Kurdish leader who built a hill (52 meters high 107.6 feets) above the ground, and then he built a castle, over the hill, and then built the town inside the castle, to protect it from any possible attack. This historic site is still standing and it became a museum. Another historic site in Arbil is a mosque minaret, which is, believed, to be built after the region was liberated from the Persians by the Islamic army.

Arbil, Kurdistan.
The Castle and The Hill.

GillKand Park

Arbil, Kurdistan.