This site is dedicated to Islamic Humanists and Freethinkers.  Its goal is to combat against dogmatism and blind faith. It offers progressive intellectual secular Muslims a philosophy of life that integrates the value of Muslim identity with a belief in the importance of human reason and human power. It declares that reason, rather than unexamined faith is the source of truth, and that human intelligence and experience are capable of guiding our lives. This site is for those who believe in freedom of thought, freedom of expression and other humanistic values. It is the antithesis to fundamentalism. 

We invite all Islamic freethinkers and humanists to contribute with their articles to this site. We hope that this will eventually become the intellectual meeting ground for progressive secular Muslims who yearn to see peace on Earth with justice, equality for women, religious tolerance, harmony of science and faith, and hope to establish a more humane society everywhere in the world.

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