This Is All That There Is

This is all that there is -
A peaceful lying in warm flowering grass
As the Sun of July moves, slowly,
And a breeze keeps a certain stifling humidity
So hot, my back seeps sweat where it touches ground
Here on a hill sloping to meadow, valley, stream.

This is all that there is -
After a life, shared:
A new nexus when the slight sleep of heat
Touches us
To leave only an impression of stillness
A touching of the Cosmos living

This is all that there is
To pass that Time until that journey
Where birth's beginning
Merges with the being becoming beyond
So that we, merging, become more than the hill,
The Sun, the silence
To be that warmth of beauty
That creates, Summer-slowly,
As when I awoke to hear the birds of life
Chorusing Dawn
And we smiled as she lay, naked, beside me
Still half-clinging to the sleep
Of Night.
Such a simple happiness
When we moved as we moved
To merge
As the humid hours merged
To bring droplets of sweat
Until satiated through slowness we slept
Touching breathing being
Such essence as kept us

So this is all that there is, now
Since Death claimed her

DW Myatt