Rumors, Allegations, And Conspiracies, About David Myatt

David Myatt c.1989 AD

Note by JRW, April 2009 AD: I present here a selection of sometimes tenditious articles and items about Myatt which make various allegations about him, or which repeat - or in some cases which try to justify - various rumors regarding him, and his past and involvements, which rumors and allegations have been in circulation for some years. Many of these allegations and rumors concern his alleged involvement in the Occult, while others allege that he is or may be some kind of MI5 operative.

It should be noted, in the interests of fairness, that Myatt has always denied involvement with the Occult - and challenged anyone to produce any evidence - and has stated that allegations of him being some kind of covert State operative are "the sort of thing the dishonourable Zionists of Searchlies specialize in to discredit someone; at best silly assumptions, and at worst sheer fantasy..."

In addition, in a more recent comment on such matters, dated 7 Rabi al-Thaani 1430, Myatt writes:

" There is a lot of disinformation about me on the Internet and in various books; and many unsubstantiated rumours. This is where - yet again - I find and have found the behaviour of Muslims to be honourable, for it is principle of Islam for Muslims to be suspicious of, and to ignore, rumours and allegations about one of their brothers and sisters. And this honourable behaviour of Muslims is in complete and stark contrast to the behaviour of the vast majority of those who call and called themselves "National Socialists" (or "white nationalists"), as I know from my own experience during my Jahil days, and is obvious whenever I, as a Muslim, am mentioned by such individuals today, for they dishonourably persist in believing and spreading such disinformation, rumours and allegations..."

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