Islam, National-Socialism, and Honour

“In truth, Islamic history is not written except with the blood of the Shuhadaah, except with the stories of the Shuhadaah and except with the examples of the Shuhadaah.” Sheikh Abdullah Azzam (shaheed)

I read somewhere recently a quote attributed to you in which you stated that, as a Muslim you still regarded Hitler as a good man, an honourable man, and that you still regarded National Socialists as potential allies in the fight against our common enemy. Is this correct, and would you care to comment further?

ibn Myatt: Bismillah. That is correct. I did indeed write that, some years ago. In an essay written about the same time I penned that comment, I wrote that the current conflict - between Muslims striving to adhere to the Quran and Sunnah, and between the Zionist-Crusader alliance - is in essence a conflict between those who value, who feel, and who strive to uphold The Numen [see Footnote 1] and who thus are honourable, and those whose ways of living are materialistic, un-numinous, tyrannical and ignoble, and who themselves are therefore dishonourable, arrogant, and materialistic.

On the side of The Numen are the Mujahideen and those who support, aid and encourage them. One the side of the arrogant dishonourable bullies are all the governments of what is now called the West, the Zionist entity that occupies Filistine, and the allies of the Zionists and the West, such as the governments of Pakistan, Egypt and the Arabian Peninsula.

Furthermore, this current conflict is, in my view, the Second Zionist War: the first Zionist War being when National-Socialist Germany - and their ally Japan - fought Amerika, Britain and their allies. National-Socialist Germany and Japan  were fighting for  a just, anti-Zionist, cause: for an honourable, warrior, way of life. Amerika, Britain and their allies were fighting on behalf of the Zionists; doing the dirty work of the Zionists; preparing the way for the Zionist occupation of Filistine; and preparing for the manufacture of the type of tyrannical Police-States that now exist in virtually all the countries of the West where people basically toil for their own gratification, or for world capitalism, and where a significant proportion of them form a disposable and neglected and poor under-class.

To understand the perfidy of the Zionists, and their allies, one only has to understand how the peoples of the West - and now, the world - have been shamelessly manipulated by the lie of the so-called holocaust, and how this lie, this myth, has now become a sacred dogma the questioning of which is punishable by imprisonment. To know, to feel, the dishonour of the Zionists, and their allies, one only has to consider how the governments of the West shamelessly invented lies - such as Iraq possessing weapons of mass destruction - in order to further their expansionist agenda; and how the foot-soldiers of this ignoble alliance treated and treat Muslim prisoners in places like Abu Ghraib, Bagram and Guantanamo Bay. Indeed, the treatment of captured Muslims uncannily reflects the treatment, the torture, meted out by the Western allies to many, many, captured German National-Socialists - particularly members of the Waffen-SS - at the end of the First Zionist War. Then, there were the show trials at Nuremberg and elsewhere; now, there are the show trials of Muslims in Amerika, and others lands, of those who have dared to defy the pro-Zionist status quo and who have taken up arms against this ignoble tyrannical status quo. The same dishonourable ethos is behind this; and the same methods, the same type of propaganda, have been used. Consider how the peoples of the West were deluged with anti-Taliban propaganda before the Western invasion of Afghanistan, and how the same type of propaganda was used against Saddam Hussein before the invasion of Iraq. There are striking parallels with the propaganda used against Adolf Hitler and NS Germany before the First Zionist War.

Consider how the Zionists and the Amerikans and their allies can slaughter, by bullets, bombs and missiles, tens upon tens of thousands of Muslims - women and children included - in places such as Filistine, Iraq, and Afghanistan, and then brazenly lie or make excuses for these murders, for which killings no one is held accountable and for which murders hardly anyone is ever tried in a Court of Law; and then consider how the Zionists and the Amerikans behave when a few Jews, or some other people, are killed by Muslims in revenge for this continuing slaughter and the continuing occupation of Muslim land. The Zionists and the Amerikans and their allies demand ‘justice’ and vow the “hunt the terrorists” down, and generally behave like the zealous utter hypocrites they are.

The simple reality is that the Zionists and the Amerikans and their allies are lying, deceitful, hypocritical, dishonourable bullies, while the Mujahideen - as were the vast majority of the soldiers of the Third Reich - are honourable warriors fighting for a just, anti-Zionist, cause. Contrast the dignity of Mullah Umar (hafidhahullah) with the posturing and the lies of a Bush - or with the smirking of a lying Blair and a clownish Gordon Brown - and it is quite easy to see the difference in personal character. One fights, lives, on the battlefield, with few possessions and is a true man of honour, while the others send other people off to fight their wars, hide behind bodyguards, a massive security apparatus, and enjoy and indulge themselves with all the pleasures and luxuries of Western capitalism.

Do you still regard National Socialism - as you once wrote - as an expression of what you call ‘the numinous’?

No. However, there certainly were many who fought and who died for Adolf Hitler, and for their fatherland, who were striving to act in an honourable way, and indeed many - such as Waffen-SS General Leon Degrelle, Hans Ulrich Rudel and Major-General Otto Ernst Remer - who not only did act honourably, but who embodied the true, non-racist, spirit of Hitler’s National-Socialism. After the end of the First Zionist War, Remer - for example - spent many years in Muslim countries such as Egypt and Syria, respected Islam, and was respected by many Muslims.

However, the unfortunate truth is that many if not most of those who now call themselves ‘National Socialists’ do not understand honour and certainly do not live by honour. If they did, they would not spout forth the anti-Muslim rhetoric that they do, and they would certainly not rant on and on about how ’superior’ they are and how ’superior’ they regard their own nation, their own culture, their own people - or whatever - to be.

The reality is that the majority of those who now call themselves ‘National Socialists’ are not warriors and never have been, so they lack that balance, that awe of the Divine, that nearness of death - that the death of comrades - brings. Hence they have no reverence, no genuine respect, no silence of the warrior.

I saught to explain the basis for this genuine, honourable, National-Socialism in some of my later NS works, such as The Meaning of National-Socialism (Third Edition, 115yf) and it is evident in The Reichsfolk Declaration (May 10th 112yf).

How does your Islam fit into this belief of yours that some National Socialists acted honourably and even embodied honour? Isn’t it - according to Muslims - Islam that is the only real guide to honour?

Certainly, honour derives from Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala alone, but it is my understanding as a Muslim (and of course I may be mistaken, wa Allahu Alam), that this does not mean nor imply that it is impossible for a non-Muslim to feel, to be, honourable, sometimes; or impossible for a non-Muslim to have manners or impossible for any of them to be numinously humble. It only means and only implies that Muslims regard Al-Islam as the only perfect, the only complete, expression of such things; that it is only through Al-Islam that we can achieve (InshaAllah) the goal of our brief mortal life. In addition, the Mujahideen are the embodiment of honour itself; and honourable examples to admire. Of course, being human, they can and sometimes do make mistakes. But if they strive to obey only Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala and if they rely only on Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala, then as the Hadith says:

من قاتل لتكون كلمة الله هي العليا فهو في سبيل الله

The practical and immediate aim of the Mujahideen is to free our Muslim lands from the kuffar invaders, and to remove the influence of the West from these lands so that communities of Muslims can be established, which communities are guided only by Shariah and led only by Muslims devoted to obeying only Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala.

If a genuine National-Socialist government was established in one or more Western lands, then this would be to our great advantage, as Muslims, as there could and should be co-operation based on the mutual respect of honourable warriors. As Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala says:

“Allah does not forbid you from treating honourably those who do not act against you because of your Deen, or who have not driven you from your dwellings, for Allah loves those who act with honour. But Allah forbids you from treating with respect, or befriending, those who act against you because of your Deen, or have driven you from your dwellings or aided others to do this - for those of you who do this are without honour.” 60: 8-9 Interpretation of Meaning

Thus, we desire to have control over our own lands, from Afghanistan to the Land of the Two Rivers, to Filistine, to the Arabian Peninsula, to North Africa, including Egypt. As Usama Bin Muhammad Bin Ladin (hafidhahullah) said:

“We tell the Americans as a people, and we tell the mothers of soldiers - and American mothers in general - if they value their lives and those of their children, find a nationalistic government that will look after their interests, and not the interests of the Jews.” Interview, May 28 1998 CE

As I wrote some years ago:

“I believed… that it was necessary and indeed possible to manufacture noble societies based upon both the Islamic and National-Socialist ways of life, with these societies co-operating together both for their mutual benefit in order to make the world a better place through fighting those forces, of decadence, materialism, and mechanistic “progress”, which were and which are taking us back to barbarism and thence toward destruction.”

So you still admire NS?

No. But I still respect genuine National-Socialists - of whom there are very few, today - as I do understand how genuine National-Socialism can create a somewhat more noble society than exists in any Western land today, with such a society benefiting not only the peoples of the West but also we who are Muslim, for such societies, as mentioned in the above quote of mine, would aid us in our war against world Zionism and our battles against the type of dishonourable arrogant bully so evident in the Amerika of today. However, such a society would still be a manifestation of Jahiliyyah.

But as a Muslim, my loyalty and duty is only to Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala, and my admiration is for the Prophet, Muhammad (salla Allahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) and those who, like Mullah Umar (hafidhahullah), are striving Fee Sabilillah.

“Say, to the Kuffar: I do not adhere to what you adhere to, as I do not and will not bow down to what you do.” 109: 1-3 Interpretation of Meaning

Do you still regarded National Socialists as potential as allies in the fight against our common enemy?

As Muslims, we may co-operate, sometimes, with non-Muslims if it be to our advantage and does not affect in any way our Islam, but we cannot ally ourselves with them, nor regard them as ‘comrades’ or close friends, for as Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala says:

“Obey, follow and give allegiance only to that brought to you from your Sustainer, and do not obey, nor follow nor give allegiance to those who are Awliya besides Him.” 7:3 Interpretation of Meaning

My mistake of some years ago, in this respect and as a Muslim, was two-fold. My first, and my biggest error, was to assume that we Muslims needed such people in the first place. We do not. My second error was to rather naively believe that I could find sufficient genuine, honourable National-Socialists with whom there might be some co-operation in our war against the Zionists and their dishonourable allies. That there might be at least some, who professed to be National-Socialists, who might actually do practical things: who might desire to live, and if necessary die, as warriors.

What I found - after I had created, from an NS point of view, the ideological and ethical foundations for such honourable co-operation - were two things. Firstly, only kaffir individuals who talked, who postured, and/or who neither understood nor felt, National-Socialism as an honourable Way of Life, and who therefore were most certainly not prepared to live it, act for it and die for it. For them, it was at best mere ‘politics’; an opinion. At worst, it was but an expression of their own dishonourable prejudice. Secondly, I found mostly individuals who lacked honour, and who were subsumed with prejudice and who had no respect for Muslims or the Deen that is Al-Islam. In short, I did not find many genuine National-Socialists at all.

Hence, there was little to base any such co-operation on, and it is true to say that I discovered (or more correctly rediscovered, again) the immense gulf that separates such people from the noble and true warriors who are the Mujahideen. Thus, I came to understand what several genuine and veteran National-Socialists (who, with one exception, had all fought for Adolf Hitler) had told me over the years: that in many ways the old, genuine National-Socialism, of the Third Reich, died with Adolf Hitler. For it was he who embodied its honour, and it was he who inspired loyalty and duty, and that my attempts, over decades, to re-establish an honourable National-Socialism might not achieve much.

Isn’t there a contradiction in you stating that genuine National Socialists are honourable, and what your wrote in articles, as a Muslim, in which you rejecting racialism and nationalism, and described these things - and NS itself - as a manifestation of Jahiliyyah?

No, because I am writing and talking about - and have written and talked about - respect, based upon honour, and because I was expressing the simple truth that, for Muslims, such things as racialism, tribalism, and nationalism are Asabiyyah, and thus are manifestations of Jahiliyyah, of ignorance of Tawheed.

That is - and according to my understanding (wa Allahu Alam) - the Deen that is Al-Islam is incompatible with Tawagheet such as racialism and nationalism, and so one cannot, as a Muslim, accept or believe in or fight for or on behalf on such Tawagheet. That is, one cannot, for instance, be both a Muslim and a National-Socialist; but one can, as a Muslim, respect those who do adhere to the way of life that is genuine National-Socialism, providing that respect is mutual and that those adherents do not interfere in our Muslim affairs and in our lands.

As a Muslim, I regarded the Way of Life - the Deen - that is Al-Islam as the perfect, the supreme, manifestation of the numinous; as an expression of the Haqq, of the noble truths about ourselves and the purpose, the meaning, of our lives. Everything else is indeed a manifestation, to a greater or a lesser degree, of what is imperfect; what guides us away from Al-Haqq; what covers-up the simplicity, the purity, of Tawheed.

Thus, as a Muslim, I understand how only through Al-Islam can we truely know honour, and truely be, honourable; how only through Al-Islam can we discover (rediscover) our true nature, as human beings, and thus relate to the numen, to what is sacred, Divine, which this relationship being expressed in tawadu, in that numinous, dignified, humility so evident in Namaz.

But, as I mentioned earlier, that does not mean nor imply that it is impossible for a non-Muslim to be honourable, sometimes; or impossible for a non-Muslim to have manners or impossible for any of them to be truely humble because they have an intimation of The Divine. It only means and only implies that Muslims regard Al-Islam as the only perfect, the only complete, expression of such things; that it is only through Al-Islam that we can achieve (InshaAllah) the goal of our brief mortal life.

Hence, for Muslims, National-Socialism - however honourable some of its followers may be - is Jahiliyyah because it does not guide us in the perfect, the complete and the necessary way, and its adherents cannot, by adhering to it, by fighting for it, achieve the goal of our brief mortal life which is Jannah.

This lack, this imperfection, certainly explains why the Mujahideen are truely honourable warriors, willing and indeed eager to die in increasing numbers for the numinous Way that is Al-Islam, while National-Socialism is almost, today, totally bereft of, and seemingly cannot now inspire, people willing, eager, to fight and die for it.

The essence of the matter is that we Muslims not only possess faith, but we also know, and feel, the numinous in our daily lives, as Muslims: for it is made manifest to us in Namaz through our simple unaffected submission to only Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala; manifest to us in the actions of the Mujahideen; and manifest in Adab Al-Islam and in Shariah.

Today, and in the foreseeable future, the only serious, practical threat to world Zionism and its lackeys and allies, such as Amerika, are the warriors of Al-Islam, and the only force capable of defeating the menace, the dishonour, of world Zionism - the only way to end the perfidy of countries such as Amerika - is Al-Islam itself. Why? Because only Al-Islam is the perfect, practical, and human manifestation, of honour, and because only Al-Islam can establish a genuine numinous Way of Life. That is, it is only Al-Islam, through and because of such things, which can inspire and motivate sufficient people over sufficient periods of time.

The Zionists and their lackeys and allies know this, which is why they are intent on trying to subvert Islam itself, to secularize it; why they hate and despise the Mujahideen who refuse to bow down to them; and why in their evil Machiavellian way they are scheming and plotting to divide Muslim against Muslim. But, as Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala says:

“In exchange for their lives and their goods, Allah has given those who believe Paradise. Thus will they fight in Allah’s cause, and thus will they kill, and be killed.” 9: 111 Interpretation of Meaning

Furthermore, as it was authentically reported, the Prophet (salla Allahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) said:

“A section of my community will continue to fight for what is honourable and overcome their opponents till the last of them fights against the Dajjal.” Abu Dawud, 14, 2478 Narrated Imran ibn Husayn

It seems that someone - claiming to be a Muslim - has recently been posting, on Islamic forums, that they do not believe you are really a Muslim. Any comment?

For the past ten or so years, various individuals have made certain allegations about me, and this has occurred quite regularly. Indeed, there used to be an obsessive Zionist - a cyber-stalker - who would regularly post items stating that I was “only pretending to be a Muslim”. When I published a copy of my Testimony of Faith in Islam - which showed the date and place of my Shahadah and gave the names of several Muslim witnesses - he then, as the dishonourable kuffar tend to do, started making other unsubstantiated allegations instead.

The common feature of all these allegations is that they are mere allegations, for those making them never, ever, produce or submit any credible evidence to support them. For instance, for years the Zionist cyber-stalker claimed that I was posting on Usenet using various pseudonyms and that he could prove this by comparing my articles with what these other people wrote. But when challenged to provide such evidence, he did not do so, and instead relied on old articles of mine - from my Jahil days - which had been somehow altered, or had their date of publication changed, or he relied on articles I had never, in fact, written. Thus, his so-called “evidence” was shown to be mere fabrication, by either he himself, or others of his kind.

Alhamdulillah, Muslims have seen these allegations for what they are, and dismissed them. As to why such individuals make such allegations, I do not know, although I assume that most if not all of those making them obsessively believe that I am either still somehow a neo-nazi, or am involved in various Occult activities, although, of course, no evidence is ever forthcoming to substantiate either of these allegations, which allegations against me almost always were first made by my Zionist and Jewish opponents, such as Gerry Gable and Nick Lowles, and repeated by dishonourable kaffir journalists who believed their tales and who did not bother to ask for, or who did not seek to find, credible evidence.

For instance, for years after my reversion to Islam, Gable proclaimed that I was somehow “using Islam” to further what he said were “my neo-nazi aims”, although he gave no details about this, provided no evidence to support his claim, and failed to explain how my many public denunciations, as a Muslim, of racialism, racism, nationalism and National Socialism could be considered to be aiding National Socialism. He - and those many others who have parroted his allegations - also failed to explain how me being called and described and regarded as a race-traitor and a “rag-head” by neo-nazis and racists could be considered to be “aiding neo-nazism”.

As to this most recent allegation, I await the “evidence” this person claims to have with a simple trust in and reliance upon only Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala. It is the judgement, the opinion, of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala that matters, which is important. What others may believe or say about me is irrelevant, although - speaking as a fallible error-prone human being - I doubt any such “evidence” will be produced, and that, even if some material is produced, it will be the usual forgeries or the usual tampered-with documents. As it was reported on the authority of Abu Huraira, Rasulullah - Salla Allahu alaihi Wa Sallam - said: “He who believes in Allah and the Last Day should either utter good words (about someone) or keep silent…” (Muslim, Book 1, 75)

Abd al-Aziz ibn Myatt
(David Myatt)
1430 AH


(1)  Numinous: A synonym for the sacred. Al-Quran is numinous. A Sign of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala is numinous; all Ayat are numinous - reminding us of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala; reminding us of the beauty, the purity, of Emaan; reminding us of the truth, the perfection, of Islam itself. Simply expressed, The Numen is Al-Islam, and is manifested, to us in the simple purity of Tawheed, and in and through our natural (Muslim) relation to Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala:

"The 'Ibaad of Ar-Rahman are those who walk on earth in humility."     25:63 Interpretation of Meaning