Is David Myatt A Muslim?

This question has been asked with surprising frequency - mostly by Myatt’s former political opponents, such as the anti-fascist Searchlight organization - since Myatt’s conversion to Islam became publicly known, in the year 2000 CE. Myatt himself has steadfastly maintained that he is a Muslim, and has issued several public denunciations of his former racist, nationalist and neo-nazi views and - since around 2000 CE - has written, using his Muslim name of Abdul-Aziz, literally hundreds of essays and articles about, and praising, Islam.

Several of Myatt’s former political enemies - and some Zionists, opposed to the radical Islamist views he has propounded for nearly ten years - have stated many times that they believe that his conversion was just a ploy, a subterfuge, to further what they claim are still his neo-nazi aims. However, considering that Myatt is now regarded, by the majority of his former nazi and racist “comrades” - and by most “White nationalists” - as a race traitor, and considering Myatt’s praise of Islam, his many articles critical of “the kuffar”, and especially his public denunciation of racialism racism, nationalism and National Socialism, this claim is highly unlikely if not erroneous. How can praising Islam, stridently denouncing and rejecting his former political views - and being regarded by neo-nazis as a race-traitor - be considered as “aiding neo-nazism”? In my opinion, it cannot, and this particular argument advanced by some individuals is therefore untenable.

It also does appear as if the zealous opponents of Myatt have sometimes gone to great lengths to discredit him, as a Muslim, for instance by posting fake articles which they claim he has written, or by adding or altering the dates on some of his already Internet published items, or even - in one instance - setting up a complete fake site replete with articles with Myatt’s name on them.

Other opponents of Myatt - for whatever reason and from whatever motive we can only speculate - claim that Myatt, in fact, never converted to Islam at all, but only claimed that he did, although this claim is easily disproved since Myatt, around 2003 CE, released a digitally scanned image of his Testimony of Faith in Islam, signed by two witnesses to his Shahadah, and by the Director of the Islamic Foundation, Dr. M.M. Ahsan. This certificate is dated 15 Sept 1998/24 Jumada Al-Ula 1419 and Myatt’s Shahadah was at Jamia Masjid Ghousia, Worcester, on the 6 September 1998 and his witnesses were Hafiz Mohammad Tufail and Qadi Abdur Sa’ouf. Myatt regularly attended prayers at Mosques in that area for many years after his conversion.

Still other opponents of Myatt - again, for whatever reason and from whatever motive we can only speculate - have claimed that, even if he did convert at a Mosque, it was just a sham, and part of some sinister plan of his to disrupt society and further what they also claim are his “satanic aims”. For the individuals making this claim - for which they have no evidence whatsoever - also claim, again without evidence, that Myatt is “Anton Long”, the assumed founder and leader of the notorious sinister organization, the Order of Nine Angles. However, even if we assume - for the sake of argument - that Myatt was Anton Long, and was the founder of the this ONA, then Myatt’s conversion to Islam could and would signify a complete rejection of such things, something which seems quite evident from the fact that Myatt himself has, since his conversion, produced voluminous writings about and in praise of Islam.

However, some former supporters of Myatt - and, indeed, some Occultists - have put forward various conspiracy-like theories in which they also claim, again without a shred of evidence, that Myatt is only “using” Islam for some devious political, and/or, some devious Occult purpose, perhaps - in the case of the neo-nazis - choosing not to believe that their former “neo-nazi hero” has indeed converted to Islam, and choosing - in the case of the Occultists - not to believe that the person they assume is the “sinister genius, Anton Long” could and did convert to Islam and has remained a Muslim for over ten years.

Perhaps the most important fact to be remembered about all these claims, is that they are only unsubstantiated claims, for no evidence in support of them has ever been presented, although, for over five years, a certain Zionist, renowned for his obsession with and hatred of Myatt - for whatever reason and from whatever motive we can only speculate - trolled Internet newsgroups and some Islamic forums with such claims, claiming to have “evidence” which, when presented, was shown to be fallacious, as happened, for instance, on the Muslim Islamic Awakening forum, where several Muslims came to Myatt’s defence.

Which leads us on to the fact that Myatt is accepted, as a Muslim, by Muslims, and has even taken part - on well known and “moderate” Islamic website - in a live dialogue where he replied to questions submitted to him by Muslims, world-wide. While some Muslims have been critical of Myatt’s radical Jihadi stance, others have praised his Islamic writings, and many of his radical Islamist tracts have been published, under his name, on various Islamist websites and blogs. Indeed, a recent translation of Myatt’s article The Aims of Al-Qaeda - on a website run by an Imam deported from a European country for being associated with Al-Qaeda - has the word hafizahullah (apparently, a term of respect, meaning “may Allah protect him”) after Myatt’s Muslim name, and a fellow Muslim has, at the time of writing (November 21, 2008 CE) collected Myatt’s Islamist writings together and placed them on a website under the title The Writings of Sheikh Abdul-Aziz ibn Myatt.

Given the complete lack of evidence to support the various claims made about Myatt’s conversion to Islam, and about him being “Anton Long”; given Myatt’s many public statements affirming his Islam and his renunciation of his former political views; given Myatt’s voluminous articles praising Islam and denouncing the kuffar, and kufr, of the West; and especially given Myatt’s acceptance by other Muslims, the sensible, rational, conclusion is that, yes, Myatt did convert to Islam and, yes, David Myatt is, and remains, a Muslim.

However, I am sure that this conclusion - and the facts supporting it - will not deter Myatt’s detractors from continuing to make their unsupported claims, and from continuing to make allegations about Myatt. I am also sure that this conclusion will come as a disappointment to those “neo-nazis” and Occultists who have spun various conspiracy-like theories around Myatt’s conversion.

R. Parker
November 21, 2008 CE